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I stumbled at this “Post-PC” concept some time ago in this Egadgeteditorial.

Contemplating on ideas from that editorial for the consumer market and finding another interesting blog for the enterprise market in the IDC: 8 Stats why the Post-PC, Mobile Era is upon Us led me to the gathering of few points for us to think about.

See if any of these titles sound familiar:

  • How will be your new phone?
  • This is new iPhone killer?
  • Tablet, you gonna have one!

Let’s agree, we haven’t used the PC that much anymore.

Wish List

Beginning with a current wish list. How many gadgets are waiting to be the next on the line?

Tablets, other tablets, mobile phones, some other “thing” that connects to the internet,  another way to watch Netflix/Hulu and also that cool connected gadget. A computer may even be on the list, but way down at the priority hits.

My computer may be almost two years old, but since it had already received a memory upgrade to 4GB probably I don’t need to worry too much about it. Now my phone, but my phone is getting old he it’s reaching the one year barrier.

It is not just a discussion of durable versus nondurable goods, but a new pace of post-PC era.

When some new feature appears, want the new version.

Apps & Apps

As mobile customers  we are used to have access to an array of applications for every need and App Stores are part of our lives. With the growing number of enterprise application, sooner than we think, we will see MobSS – “Mobile Self Service” – as private enterprise app stores.

To reinforce this tendency SAP’s take on Mobile App Ecosystem is rolling out as we SAP is Building its Mobile App Ecosystem – Fast. How SAP Aims to Lead the Enterprise Mobile App Market – by Eric Lai on ZDNet.

In recent months, how many applications have you bought? Ok, and how many of them where for your mobile? Any for your PC?

You as a Corporate Developer

Want to hear more Post-PC? How many applications have you developed in the last year? How many were mobile driven or have planned mobile versions?

How many platforms have you learned? Let’s be honest you also looked at Objective-C.

Mobile developers today are like late 90’s or early 00’s web developers: inexperienced, ambitious and learning on the job.

Lazy Apps vs. Lazy Users


With a mix of user experience and laziness, more and more we expect to  hit one button and reach our goal. Nothing more about the old idea of ​​typing a  command line and wait for an application to load. We want everything  and as soon as possible.

Native applications are more attractive in that way because somewhere in our minds we wait less for a reaction, which gives us momentary well being.

In a post-PC era each “Loading …” dialog will make us uneasy and nervous. Everything should be faster, responsive and we will grow dependent on real-time.

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