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You need to configure your J2EE servlet engine user, this is a very important step and is where most problems can occur. As documented in SAP note 615479  ( your J2EE user should be a global domain user that has ‘Act as part of the Operating System’ and ‘Logon as a Service’ authorisations.  OS authorisations for J2EE user   The J2EE User also needs Full Control permissions on the remote File System content  FS permissions for J2EE user  Next you need to create a Windows System under Global Services > System Landscape Definitions > Systems > Windows System. Take note of the system ID used as you will need it later when creating your windows system in the portal system landscape. You now need to modify the FS Repository Manager created in Scenario 1 above. * Enter the Windows System you just created in the ‘Windows Landscape Parameter’ * If you accidently entered the incorrect System ID then you could encounter the following types of errors when trying to access the resources:  *403*   *The requested operation is forbidden for this resource. You do not have permissions required to access this resource.*  or  *Access Denied*   *The item you are attempting to access reqiuires permissions you do not have. Contact the item’s owner or a system administrator to acquire the permissions in question.*    h4. User Mapping  Now you need to define a KM Windows System in the Portal System Landscape.Windows System in Portal System LandscapeThe ‘System Alias’ you define in your KM Windows System must be identical to the System ID which you already created in KM.System Alias identical to System ID You should now have this system available for user mapping. If there are still “Access Denied” errors when trying to access the content then make sure that the portal user is mapped to an appropriate user on the file system who has access to the content.User Mapping  You should now be able to see the remote permissions of the file system when you go to Details > Settings > Permissions of a resource, however they will not be editable as they are coming directly from the file system.Permissions on Content
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