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After a nice trip to Sapphire, a 4 day extravaganza, a treat in luxurious dream world  Orlando; I returned back home and the TV was blasting the same old doomsday story – “21st May 2011, End of the world, the believers are going to heaven and non-believers are going to hell”.  If you have not as yet heard of the end of world story then listen to it here

What a contrast from the opening Keynote theater at Sapphire! At Sapphire, I was getting an extremely optimistic message from all these thought leaders. Emergence of Cloud, cheap Memory, mobility with practically no limits to computing power, scalability, speed, geography etc. etc. At Sapphire these people are thinking that the world is going to have enormous change for the better – poverty reduction, education, prosperity for all etc. etc. The panelists were asked, “What do you think is the future?” There was a consensus amongst the panelists. The world is leading into the state of abundance of everything. If you have not already listened to the panel discussions that I am referring to then please visit online recording at

Forget the end of the world in next 5 months, in fact from 2015 and beyond the wonderful state of abundance of everything may be here. Moore’s law is still doubling the computing power every 18 months. Cloud computing is growing at 15% compound rate, Cost of producing solar energy is going down by 30% compound. So many other indicators lead us to same conclusion.

So what will be the effect of these phenomenal technology innovations? By 2030, 85% of the world’s middle class will be in BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India, China) countries. With such a huge middle class, the markets and business will grow by 350 billion dollars every year. A higher percentage of women will be added to the paid workforce and this will add more than a billion to the productive workforce. By 2015, solar energy will start becoming affordable for all. That will lead the world to the days of unlimited cheap energy without any danger to the climate. Then even if the rivers can not meet the drinking water needs, world will be able to convert sea water for drinking. By 2030, all parts of the world will have abundant Water, Food, Energy, Housing, Health care, Education etc.

For near future, at Sapphire, new meaning was discovered for the famous equation of Einstein. E=m c square = m x c x (imc) and that translates into Enterprise = (equals) m (mobile technologies) x c (Cloud computing) x imc (In Memory Computing).  SAP is looking at the immediate future with this direction. The central theme of Sapphire was E-=mcsquare.

Who is right? The Dooms Day or Abundance? I think both are right.

Doomsday may indeed be here for those who are predicting it. Those who are predicting Dooms Day will be exposed in next 5 months and they will lose all their followers and funding. For all the rest of us, I think 2015 is the beginning of world of abundance.

At Sapphire, all these technological innovations were demonstrated which will change the world. We need to prepare ourselves to teach these technologies to our students. Here is a questionnaire which lists all these new technologies that I thought we need to consider teaching in our Universities. Please click this link and tell me what you think

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