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    1. Former Member
      Analyzing the analysts is a very important topic. Interesting that all except Thomas are INDIVIDUALS not directly connected to large firms – that’s critical in the new media of analysis we see emerging.
      1. Jarret Pazahanick Post author
        You bring up a great point and could also make a similar correlation to SAP consulting as although there are exceptions many of the true SAP HCM experts are in small niche consulting firms or independent and I believe that is common in other modules as well.

        If you are smaller you HAVE to be better to compete with the big boys.

  1. John Kleeman

    I follow a few of these people already but have added a few more, and thanks for the suggestions. I agree that Twitter is a great way to get information efficiently and these seem interesting people.

    I don’t think analysts have all the answers, but they are part of the picture and worth listening to.

    1. Martin English
        I can’t remember where I saw it, but there’s a saying along the lines of “The problem wasn’t finding THE answer, it was that there were too many answers”. I follow these guys that jarret mentioned already, and it’s quite interesting how (quite often) their different perspectives on a given subject result in very different opinions about a given piece of news. In a sense, this is the anser to someone elses comment about who analyses the analysts.

      It also means that while we get to pick the brains of some very smart people by following them, we are also required to do a bit of the heavy lifting – they won’t spoon feed us the solutions to our problems. This is my understanding of Hugh Macleod’s saying “Ignore Everyone Else”. 

      FWIW, an indication of how Dennis works can be found via


      1. Jarret Pazahanick Post author
        Thanks for the comment Martin and you bring up a great point as the analysts VERY often have differing opinions on the same peice of information. For me personally it is helpful to get the various viewpoints and compare to my own as it helps open my horizons and in the process I become more knowledgeable as I know both “sides” of the discussion.

        I really enjoyed that Influencer presentation & article from Dennis.

  2. Kumud Singh
    Hey Jarret,
    I have alreay started following the previous list of people and now these too would be added.
    I think your posts would compel me to get iphone or likewise to see the updates on move.


    1. Jarret Pazahanick Post author
      Thanks for the comment and I personally use my mobile device (iphone) on a regular basis to keep up with the people I am following on twitter.

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