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<body><p>All WebUI component views are delivered with a standard SAP configuration that uses the role configuration key <DEFAULT>. So, lots of people have the impression that the configuration key <DEFAULT> represents the standard SAP configuration and cannot be used for customer configuration. When someone accidentally made changes to the screen configuration with the key, people actually panic and tries to find a way to reverse it.</p><p>Actually, the <DEFAULT> config. key simply means that configuration of the screen will be used if the system cannot find the screen with config key that is tied to the business role. So, obviously, the standard SAP screen configurations will always use the <DEFAULT> config key. But, SAP doesn’t just keep the good stuff to itself. Customers can also create their own version of the <DEFAULT> screen.</p><p>Lets say you have five business roles and all business roles use the Sales order components. Each business role requires a different version of the Sales order Details assignment block but the Shipping Assignment block should be standardized all across with your company’s specific look. So, you can create five version of the Details assignment block with five different configuration keys but create just one version of the Shipping Block with the customer <DEFAULT> key.</p><p>Just how do you create the screen with customer <DEFAULT> key? When you are in the screen configurator, make sure you are having the SAP standard screen opened; click the “Copy Configuration” button. On the popup, just leave all the pre-populated values (the role config key will be <DEFAULT>) and hit enter. Click the save button and your customer <DEFAULT> screen is created.</p><p>Even simpler, while you are at the SAP standard configuration, make your changes then save it. SAP will automatically create the customer <DEFAULT> screen.</p><p>When you click the “Choose Configuration” button, you will notice the following:</p><p><img  />//|alt=|src=! </p><p>The “Cus. Conf.” column for the <DEFAULT> key is checked. This is where people started panic because it looks like SAP standard delivered screen is being modified.</p><p>What it actually means is that the same configuration set is available both in the standard and customer space.</p><p>If you go to table BSPC_DL_XMLSTRX2, where customer configuration is stored, you will see that the <DEFAULT> key actually being created. If you also go to table BSP_DL_XMLSTRX2, where standard configurations are stored, you will also see exactly the same thing.</p><p><img  />//|height=263|alt=Table BSPC_DL_XMLSTRX2|width=320|src=!</p><p> </p><p><img  /></body>

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