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Use case

You want to have an “Additional Account Entry”-Tab in the create and process change request application only when A-segment account is processed in the change request which is determined by change request type. User can input multiple accounts in the account form and provide values to some important fields (not necessary key fields).


The data filled in the additional UIBB are stored in a temp Z table, and shall be automatically transferred to change request staging table when full account key (COA and ACCOUNT) is supplied.


 A screenshot below: 




By implementing method IF_EX_USMD_CREQUEST~INITIALIZE of change request BAdI USMD_CREQUEST, filling exporting parameter ET_ADDITIONAL_UIBB, there will be an additional step/tab displayed in the create/process change request application.


By providing change request type in the importing parameter IS_CREQ_CONTEXT of method IF_EX_USMD_CREQUEST~INITIALIZE, the additional UIBB can be displayed dynamically depending on specific change request type.


Interaction and data processing of additional UIBB can be handled in method IF_EX_USMD_CREQUEST~PROCESS_EVENT.


This function is available since ERP 6 EhP5, and Note 1538919 shall be applied.

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