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SAP NetWeaver Portal, Enterprise Workspaces Running @ SAP

In the last few months I had the privilege to take part in the SAP Corporate Portal’s MyPage project as a pilot user. The MyPage project is an internal implementation of SAP NetWeaver Portal, enterprise workspaces. The MyPage project intends to provide SAP employees a flexible and personalized view of their content and leverage all their existing corporate assets.

By using MyPage in the Corporate Portal I could manage my daily tasks by integrating frequently used content, useful links and tools in one integrated environment in a self-service approach.

As the project progressed, I’ve created additional pages, each dedicated to a different project area. In the first page (named “My Desktop”), which serves as a tool for my daily work, I maintain my own ToDo list, agenda topics for the weekly meetings, project masterplan and direct links to all project-related support tools.

I can easily maintain and monitor the project status on a daily basis by assembling content from the selected Corporate Portal pages with the SAP official project management tools, placing them as modules on the same page. I can add modules to the same page at any point of time by dragging and dropping them from the module gallery.

The most useful for my project management work was the ability to embed the Release Planner tool available in the Program Repository by using a simple Web URL module. Any change to the project milestones is immediately reflected on my page. I have an option to activate the Release Planner function views and dates range to get a customized view for my own needs.


 To summarize, enterprise workspaces provide a flexible, intuitive environment to compose content, enabling enterprise end users to integrate and run structured content (such as reports or applications) and unstructured assets using a self-service approach.

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  1. Hüseyin Bilgen
    I was working with NW Portal since 2005 and successfully completed more than 50 projects within Turkey. There was an Addon called “Collaboration Portal” was announced in 2008 but cancelled due to customer feedbacks. Then EWS announced. And we’ve Web Page Composer (WPC).
    My first impression with EWS is that it is an enhanced version of WPC, mostly I feel it is a WPC which you can create personalized and public pages.
    But WPC takes Portal theme automatically like Portal Apps, WD4J and VC. But for EWS, afaik you’ve to adapt EWS theme to Portal theme.
    To be honest, I don’t see enough benefit to use EWS with Portal. At least for now. My last point is that the killed “Collaboration Portal” addon was announced to be free, but EWS is now licensed seperately.
    To be strong in sales phase, we’ve to have such tools bundled to NW Portal like Forum, WPC. Now when we talk with customers, thay say “Are we going to pay for this also?”
    1. Erhan Keseli
      Hi Huseyin,

      I dont think EWS has additional license. Also I think it is very different from WPC. WPC has different scope. In EWS -as mentioned at blog- to provide users a flexible and personalized view of their content. Content means everything in portal. We can talk about this another time in Turkey 🙂

      1. Hüseyin Bilgen
        Hi Erhan,
        If you are thinking, then ask SAP Turkey if it is licensed or not?
        It is absolutely different from WPC, accepted. But what is the benefit?
        With WPC, only admins can add pages and manage them. End users are only the consumers. With EWS, end users become content admin and they can create private and public pages.
        So, as I said, it’s more like an enhanced version of WPC. Then why not to make a single solution, but creating another solution with Adobe Flex which needs additional effort to adapt to portal?
        Did you see it in action or use it? If you do, you’ll see
        1. Erhan Keseli
          hi Huseyin

          you know it is difficult to learn about licensing. i used and tried ews. i know what it is. as you said may be a single product can handle it. but it is target audience is different from wpc. and sap thinks like this. so we can only use it as it is.

    2. Winfried Wenisch
      Hi Huseyin,

      First of all thanks for your comment. We highly appreciate feedback from experts like you having experience from a lot of projects. As already pointed out WPC and Enterprise Workspaces have different target audiences – while WPC allows key users to provide (mainly unstructured) content in a managed way to other users Enterprise Workspaces are looking from the end user perspective and provide flexibility using a self-service approach over all portal/corporate assets. This capability to “collect content” is even more strengthened in the upcoming release which allows for example to add regular portal content to a workspace – by an end user.
      I would be happy to share with you more details and discuss you point of view. I’ll try to reach you via mail.

      Winfried Wenisch
      PM Portal and Enterprise Workspaces

  2. Shankar Agarwal
    At Tech Ed 201o bangalore,the SAP team said that it will be licensed separately,later i raised an OSS for using the same and i got a reply that ,separate license is needed.Do not see SAP’s point in this.

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