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SAP Solution Manager is now a days very famous tool for storing the entire project Documentation and serving the base for central repository which is being accessed globally by Project Users or Implementation Team to store User Guides,Functional Specifications,Technical Specification etc


But as the Project grows the repository grows and it is very difficult to search the a particular document in the entire documentation repository or in another words a hard nut to crack.


One way to enhance the search feature is to create Keywords.


Let us explore the steps to create the keywords


Based upon requirements we create a Solution Manager Project which can be

  • Implementation
  • Maintenance
  • Template
  • Upgrade



Here we are assuming a project is already created with Blueprint structure.


 To create a keyword for a project,enter transaction code Solar_project_admin

Choose the project and double click it to enter 

Initial Project Administration Screen



Now goto Project Standards Tab and click Keywords Tab.By default there are no keywords so it will be blank as shown



Project Maintenance Screen



We will be creating some keywords for our Project in Project Template first and then transfer it our Project,so click on Project Template button as shown



Project Template Button



Create the keywords as per requirement in the project we are creating some sample keywords as shown below



Keywords Creation Screen



To make them available choose the Keywords and move it to left side followed by press the Save button



Keywords Copying to Project



Now repeat the same in Project Keywords tab and save it


Thus above steps shows how to create the keywords in SAP Solution Manager.


Now goto Solar01 transaction code or Blueprint Transaction in Solution Manager



Blueprint Screen



Choose the uploaded document and goto attributes tab.In the attributes tab choose the values or Keywords already created for assignment to document.



Document Attributes


Note We can assign Mulitple keywords to the same document



Now use the search functionality or Find Document Feature



Search Document



Enter the keyword in the selection screen as shown



Selection Screen for Searching Document



Press execute button and result will appear in the form of less number of documents as shown.



Final Result


Thus above all the steps shows how we can configure and use the Keywords in Solution Manager Documentation Repository to enhance the search functionality.

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