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Thanks to everyone who has downloaded the app to date (roughly 9000 of you!). Also thanks to all the people providing feedback and ideas for future versions, keep them coming.

Version 2 of the app has been given some major improvements to the iPhone version including the ability to review the comment attributes (version, applications and status) which was already in the iPad version. Another improvement to the iPhone app is the ability to launch the note in Safari on the device. Basically a quick link to the note but you will still need to authenticate yourself.

The biggest improvement in v 2.0 is the ability to now search for notes rather than having to know the specific note numbers, as per the previous releases. Another interesting improvement is the ability to “Tag” notes, currently, Implemented, Deleted, Success and Failed are the options. A bunch of bug fixes were also made.

You can find the new versions here:

SAP Note Viewer v2.0 for iPad
SAP Note Viewer v2.0 for iPhone

I have some great new features planned for upcoming releases and versions, so if you are interested you can me here, @paups or my company @lithlabs

Here are a few screenshots




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  1. Tom Cenens
    Hello Paul

    I recently baught an iPad2 since I want to follow what SAP is doing on terms of mobile applications.

    I checked out the SAP Note Viewer application and I have some feedback.

    I found it a bit strange that I have to push search twice after entering a search term in the initial search input field.

    Besides that I use the restriction fields when I search on marketplace to keep the # results down which is not possible in the iPad application.

    I already have a lot of SAP Notes in favorites folders but I cannot access those which is a pitty. I know you can book favorites in the application but then I would have to do double work. So I would prefer having the same list and being able to add to that list.

    On the upside I like the fact that it enables persons to comment on a SAP Note which is an interesting idea. In fact it could be something SAP could look into.

    Perhaps voting on the quality of SAP Note could also be an interesting idea as it would enable SAP to get a better view on which instructions/writings are seen as good or bad making it possible to in the end up the quality of SAP Note instructions/writings.

    For me it’s not yet an alternative for SAP Service Marketplace /notes but I will keep an eye on it and I look forward to future releases that offer more functionality.

    Kind regards


    1. Paul Aschmann Post author
      Hi Tom,

      Thanks for the constructive feedback. I agree about the “hitting search twice”, here is the logic – if you know the note number, you type it in and it automatically opens on the right, if you type a search term it opens the “search box” hence the reason to have to press search again. I the app automatically opens and searches automatically the existing search results would be overwritten.

      Re: Result restriction – it would be nice, def. an option for future releases.

      Re: Favorites, it might be possible to incorporate your existing favorites. Currently SAP provides no API’s for hooking into your personal data or searching which makes querying the data fairly cumbersome.

      Re: Voting, great idea. Currently when you comment you can mark the note as useful which is captured and displayed but a star rating system is probably more informative.

      Thanks again,


  2. Simon Kemp
    Hi Paul,

    Thanks for sharing this. I was one of those 9000 people, actually I downloaded the app for the iPhone just last week. One feature I would personally love to see is the ability to get updates when notes from a certain area are released. For example I would like to know when SAP releases a note related to the Enterprise Portal (EP)… or get a weekly summary of all the EP related notes.

    I am not sure if you have access to any special API so it might not be easy to do, the current web interface to SAP Notes is fairly clunky… 🙂



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