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On Tuesday, May 17th, I was honored to win the 2011 ASUG Volunteer Service Award, along with many others including Reportapalooza winner Crystal SIG Chair Brian Durning and fellow SAP Mentor Peter McNulty.  Fortunately we didn’t have to give an acceptance speech but I would like to take this opportunity to share this award with those who helped along the way.


First, I want to thank ASUG Headquarters, Board and fellow ASUG Volunteers for all the great work we have accomplished over the last year.  A shout-out to the ASUG Headquarters Lead Communities Coordinator Joe Barkley who has stepped in the many times a volunteer could not make it.  He fortunately has not said no to my many requests.  Special thanks to Kim Haschalk who has always been the calm in the center of a storm around our ASUG conference events.

I thank Jim Spath, whom I have openly stolen several great ideas including putting our community calendar in a wiki page.  Jim is a great ASUG volunteer and great source of advice.  I want to thank fellow volunteers Sue Keohan, Kristen Dennis, Karin Tillotson and Gretchen Lindquist for always providing advice and support when needed.

Thank you ASUG BI volunteers who are all listed in this BI Brochure.  Specifically I want to thank Derek Loranca, Joyce Butler and Greg Myers always for being there when I needed it.


I want to thank all of speakers who have provided such great content to the Community in the form of webcasts and content to all our great conferences throughout the year. 

Lastly I cannot forget the many SAP people I have had the great honor and pleasure to work with – just to name a few: Ina Mutschelknaus, Peter McNulty, Alexander Peter, Uwe Palm and last but certainly not least the great Ingo Hilgefort.  Ingo has always set a high standard for me to do more.  Fortunately he didn’t listen to me last October when I told him I was too tired to work on ASUG Influence Councils.  He was right in that ASUG Influence Councils are the best part about ASUG. 

Erin Cook, ASUG HQ, said on Thursday you get out of ASUG what you put into it.  This is very true and if not for ASUG I do not think I would have the great honor and privilege of being a SAP Mentor.  I thank ASUG for all the great opportunities I have had.

There’s the old saying “there’s no I in team” – how true, and there is no “I” in the word Volunteer. 


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  1. Tom Cenens
    Hello Tammy

    Congratulations. I love the saying on the end of your blog. It is very much true and it is very nice of you to mention all the other volunteers and people who you have collaborated with along the way.

    The award is well deserved.

    Kind regards


  2. Krishnakumar Ramamoorthy
    Pretty cool and this is well deserved indeed. Thanks for all the volunteer work you do to the community and the network. You are definitely one of the role models in the community. Too bad couldn’t catch up with you during SAPPHIRE, but there is always TechED

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