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SAP for Indian University Professors

SAPPHIRE is the annual show, packed with enormous amount of information, announcements of new products and services from SAP, roadmaps of what is to follow. When you are in Sapphire, it is like a ‘bhulbhullaiya’ – you just can not decide what should you see and what can you skip. Every thing is exciting, amazing.

But I focussed on every thing what I considered was meaningful from an Indian University Professors’ point of view. Today I am listing very briefly each different important item that I learned and later propose to follow up with details in a separate post to this blog. Here we go.

  1. SAP University Alliance members will soon have an option to teach ERP using SAP’s latest cloud solution – Business By Design (ByD for short). Pilot Universities are being listed (about 20 in India) and within a year it will be open for all.
  2. The keynotes and all through the conference and exhibition, the main theme was Mobility, Cloud Computing and In-Memory analytics. I think each and every Professor amongst us, must learn about these future directions and if possible start teaching our students. How can you do that? Very simple – a large part of presentations for Sapphire will be available for listening and viewing on-line. I will send you the selected links when it becomes available and I find time to do it.
  3. We attended the American SAP User’s Group’s (ASUG) University Connection SIG meeting. Rahul Sachdev  (SAP India) has declared that he is going to form ASUG like SAP User’s Group in India. That would be really a wonderful thing for SAP customers in general and specifically for we SAP UA Professors. I have been a very active participant in ASUG for the past 10 years and let me assure you of the tremendous value that ASUG like group will bring to us in India.
  4. At ASUG, I discovered that in fact we Professors in India also can become ASUG members right now. The UA members can join ASUG for FREE and as long as you are UA member any where in the world you can sign up. Further, ASUG is also opening itself up for our students and they plan to create a kind of student chapters or SIG. Let’s all help Rahul to bring ASUG to India.
  5. And then I could meet other SAP UA members who were present at Sapphire. Simha Magal who wrote the GBI course and book is ready to come to India in the next summer to teach in any Indian University. He is developing a new course and book on “SAP Configuration”. Perhaps he will be able to teach it in India for the SAP UA faculty and we can plan to teach this course starting next year.
  6. I also met Prof Darshana of QUT (Queens University of Technology). You are already using QUT’s hosting services. Now Darshana is going to come to IIM Calcutta to teach during December/January. He has expressed his willingness to come to any other Universities and teach something approriate to your requirements.
  7. Then I met Prof Deepak Phatak. He is such a big man and so difficult to meet. But in Florida, I could get his excluse attention. He was very happy to know about our initiatives and has agreed to allow us to run a Distant Learning Program for Teacher Empowerment – Ekalavya, for the benefit of our IIT alumni in Canada. Eklavya could be a great platform for all of us in SAP UA program for quick and high quality faculty development.
  8. Teaching Mobile technoloies for our students: Having seen the technology thrust in this area, I was wondering how fast can we bring this to our students. I talked to Dr. Ahmed Adl, VP SAP America. He had some very interesting news for me. SAP is planning to make all the important development tools available on amazon cloud. Our students will be able to develop mobile applications with this cloud plaform for free and the finished applications will be made available for the global market through SAP Store. Just imagine, if our students build one such application and it starts getting sold on SAP Store what will happen? The Infosys and TCS will line up to grab these students for the best pay packages in the industry.
  9. What about teaching Cloud Computing?  Teaching the ByD course for ERP introduction will be a good start. Add to that some mobile apps and our students will get ready with the latest and greatest for employment interviews.
  10. Andres from Seneca College, is developing a course on Project Systems for SAP UA. He is very interested in teaching this course for our students in India. The detailed logistics need to be worked out. Please let me know if any one of you is interested in teaching Project Management with SAP. I understand that the course has also been certified by PMI.
  11. I also attended the Higher Education SIG meeting to check out whether SAP has any options for Indian Universities for internal management of University. Many intersting things I got and will share details in a separate post very soon. 

For now I will end my post here. Please continue looking up the special page I have created “SAP for Indian University Professors” on my blog for daily updates in next few weeks and please do send your comments.

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  1. Marilyn Pratt
    And yet I still found this content to be engaging and interesting.  Thanks for sharing your prospectives and experiences at Sapphire.
    I wasn’t aware of the drive to have ASUG in India.  Interesting concept as I thought there might already be an “ISUG” or local user group existing.  How do you see this paradigm of ASUG in India working?  Culture exchanges? Similar formats? Local chapters and activities that mirror what works in North America? 
  2. Satish Talikota
    There are 2 things I always thought the Indian Universities and Institutes must take up very seriuously,

    1. Get aligned with Foriegn Languages
    2. Get aligned with SAP

    Foriegn languages teaching has not beign taken seriously by Tier 1 SAP partner companies to support the ethenic users in other countries from India. However, there is a growing population of student community learning these languages just as a hobby. However its more seens as a job differentiator as time passby.
    Universities and Service Partner Companies must focus on this non SAP aspect when it comes to India supporting on foriegn languages like French, German, Portugese, Chinese etc…

    The second aspect is more visible now and talked about (walking seems to be a problem in India), the only thread I see which needs to be woven is students specialization>>project work>>apprentice with service partner company>>campus placement.

    Now the question is will SAP UAP come forward and work with SAP Service Partners and devise a project work inventory for the students? If yes, we are pushing to realise innovations much ahead of its current plans. Why not?

    Personally, I would like to get involved in associating with UAP institutes/ universities and teach and guide on project works. Could you suggest next steps for me !!


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