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Last year, around the same time I became Between You and Me: There’s more to sustainability than Reduce-Reuse-Recycle, and interested in what our SAP office in Vancouver was doing to support sustainable initiatives, our Green Team was busy promoting “Bike to Work.” Bike to Work month/week/day is a movement that has really caught fire in North America, and usually takes place in May or June each year.

SAP Vancouver took part in the Vancouver Area Cycling Coalition’s (VACC) Bike to Work challenge, and won handily with more employees biking to work than any other local businesses in Vancouver. Besides bragging rights, the Vancouver Green Team was awarded two standard bikes for winning the challenge.

Great! But who gets to keep these bikes? True to this team’s panache for innovative-thinking, and a laser-focus on SAP’s commitment to sustainable business practices, the Green Team recently introduced the “SAPBikes program.”


Rather than give these bikes to individuals, the SAPBikes program makes these bikes “on demand” and “on premise.” Any of our colleagues can then reserve these bikes for a ride during lunch time, or to run a quick errand.  Visitors to our office can also take advantage of these bikes if they choose not to take a taxi to and from their hotel each day. The benefits of this program include better health for participants, non-polluting and more enjoyable way to get around the city. I think the fun-factor will win our colleagues over!

What’s next for SAPBikes and the Vancouver Green Team? We’ve connected with other SAP offices around the world, and will share our success with others. And yes, we’ll need more bikes!

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  1. Tom Cenens
    Hello Jason

    Stimulating people to be fit it always a good thing.

    I read an article somewhere on a company that actually reduces the employee work time if they come to work on bike. I found that it was in fact a great idea and it does show their commitment to be green.

    For me being fit is being more awake and more active in general which is a positive thing.

    Before I would be able to ride my bike to work, Belgian governement should first be formed (god knows how much longer that will take) and second they should do something about the terrible bike paths towards Brussels.

    Kind regards


    1. Jason Cao Post author
      Thanks very much for your feedback! Good to hear that this bike program resonates with you as well! There was actually a really fantastic video our Green Team put together for this program that follows the SAP Run Better campaign, with a local stunt rider and exciting music. Unfortunately, the SAP brand-police didn’t allow the video makers to post this publically. Maybe we some major edits we still can share it.

      Lots of really great programme not mentioned here include a personal carbon-emissions counter, composting, and diving through our dumpsters to see what people are throwing away (instead of composting or recycling). We’re learning a lot about our behaviours and level of commitment towards sustainability.



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