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Today, while many of my peers who attended the ASUG Annual Conference and/or Sapphire headed to the Orlando airport, I and a large number of volunteers traipsed back to the Orange County Convention Center and met to accomplish several goals.  One was intended to be informal training of new volunteers; another goal was to hear about (and comment on) new initiatives from ASUG management; one was to do a brain dump after the conference.  I’d say all were accomplished, to varying degrees.


After several very long days meeting and networking, some of us had trouble putting on the uniform and stepping up to the plate (a baseball analogy, for any of my not from America friends).  With a 9AM start, lunch served around Noon, and a general finish time around 3PM, we had adequate time to get focused and cover many topics. One concern was whether the event dismantling noises would be disruptive (which they weren’t), and one was whether the wireless network would be available (it was, with much better throughput than the previous days).




While not directly related to the conference content, there was a great volunteer suggestion for improving communications from us to our networks. Over time, as members have subscribed to different topic areas, those databases of names have grown tremendously, with one geographic area having 1,400 names.  We knew, instinctively (and directly), that not everyone was still interested, or possibly, no longer at that address.  It’s one of those things we’ve complained about, yet never had a plan to deal with it.  If someone is dropping your email into a black hole, how do you know?  And how do you know if your messaging is effective if you only hear back from a tiny number of members (or, worse, none)?

A few BusinessObjects savvy volunteers offered to work on data cleansing/improving.  How we will do this and protect confidential information remains to be seen, but I’m in.  The better we know the community, the better we can adjust our conference, webcast and other push media.


Next steps


Going out of the volunteer meeting, I collected a few cards, and committed to a few action items.  One is to assist on a webcast on “getting more out of OSS.”  That might be a frequently asked question, but that’s as good a reason as any to answer it.

More stuff that I need, or promised, to do (or both): figure out what Idea Place means to ASUG and the DRQKOD, write up a call-for-speakers blurb for the SCN sustainability forum; analyze what I think about the mobility craze; continue to ignore HANA until forced to do otherwise; get more involved with the DSLayer (and figure out what it means) community; keep not buying a tablet computer; and last but not least, endeavor to persevere.


Tweets, recapitulated.I think “Stormy Monday” should come up on my MP3 player as I walk to #ASUG2011 and the speaker preparation meeting. [[* |!/jspath55/status/70085237002076160]][Retweeted by IBMSAPAlliance ]

Nike keeps 4 full size (25 TB) copies of production running simultaneously for project work. #ASUG2011 Session 3501 room S330E #sapphirenow [[* |!/jspath55/status/70142126314360832]][Retweeted by wouterpeeters and 1 other]

Stupider term than Apple’s “Genius Bar” – “Information Concierge” – only at #sapphirenow [[* |!/jspath55/status/70152791296974849]][Retweeted by geofcorb ]

Remind me to smack the person who was supposed to review these (SAP) slides for usability – pale yellow or blue on white backgrounds. #FAIL [[* |!/jspath55/status/70211365968691200]][Retweeted by hreiter ]

Dinner with @sjohannes @golassale @skeohan @grahamrobbo and @karin_tillotson at some hotel on international boulevard. #BITIteam+++ [[* |!/jspath55/status/70271275850940416]][Retweeted by sjohannes ]

Hear @karin_tillotson and @vlvl today @ 11AM “ASUG SAP NetWeaver User Interface Influence Council Update” #ASUG2011 #sapphirenow room S321 [[* |!/jspath55/status/70482604113149952]][Retweeted by Abrasax1 ]





It is so quiet here today.




A sit down lunch, without needing to rush off to another session or both. Yay!




Kim Haschalk of ASUG; me, pretending to make a cogent point




Steve Ruggiero, me.  New school ASUG polo shirt, old school ASUG conference T shirt.




The roadies, rolling up and putting away the ASUG carpet.

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  1. Gregory Misiorek
    Hi Jim,

    Great work promoting ASUG’s cause. Btw, did u see Paul Aschmann’s app? I think leaving comments with your SAP Notes is a great usability case.

    1. Jim Spath Post author
      “Paul Aschmann’s app”? No I didn’t; unless you have a link I guess I will google/oswald it.  I’m not sure what needs more help – OSS notes, or OSS messages.

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