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In Memory, Mobility and the Cloud

As many of others SAP fanboys I wasn’t able to be in Orlando for this great event. A few friends where there as my eyes and ears and this was the way I tried to do my part during the event, getting it live.

As the prelude announced these where the major topics of this year. In a nice Mathematical way of putting this e=mc(imc)^2. Where “imc” stands for In-Memory, Mobility and the Cloud




On this topic I believe the that third day keynote was crucial in presenting the hole dimension of this transformation. SAP was challenged by clients to push HANA into high value scenarios and demoed several layers of analytics. Tomorrow it will be everywhere, beyond a single product or appliance, going next to MDM – Mater Data Management – and per client demands might appear in APO.

The strategic use of real time decision is a constant dream in production planning and forecast and SAP will eventually get there.

Just looking at performance a single SQL query runs 355x times faster. Yes, it’s a combination of high speed hardware (memory and SSD’s) but also a sophisticated application layer that will represent the “foundation for intellectual renewal” as Hasso Plattner stated.

Without hardware changes we could have Sybase ASE running on the ERP. With new hardware use NewDB (aka HANA) –  paraphrasing Vishal Sikka.

ABAP Spoiler: Old traditional ERD (Entity Relationship Diagrams) and table based thinking will have to be revisited. NewDB is Column based


This is a big one and one of the fields that I have more fun with.
SAP Netweaver Gateway finally graduated from the “project” status and springs a number of features (#1):

  • Simple, Fast and Non-Disruptive – Somya Kapoor’s three word definition;
  • Runs on Web AS ABAP 7.02 SP 7 and up; can be standalone or add on(#1);
  • Model types: DSM, PS, UC simplify services based on your needs(#1);
  • IDE’s: Eclipse + Blackberry (#1); future: Eclipse + Android,  xCode + iPhone;
  • Key to simplify consumption and openness of the ERP: Including REST services and OData/ATOM protocols;
  • Adobe Flash Builder Gateway Integration will come to accelerate Adobe Flex development inside the enterprise;
  • Duet Enterprise + Sharepoint 2010; Gateway Development Kit – Integration from cloud to ERP;
  • Visual Studio integration making it easier to .NET connect to SAP


“With the release of SAP NetWeaver Gateway, we are freeing SAP applications from the confines of the desktop and enabling developers to create entirely new applications,” said Vishal Sikka.

SAP Portal is back on the game. Inside info from our “Portal Geek” (#1) is that a mobile desktop in on the way. SAP is delivering some APIs and a framework for mobile development. Portal on device in version 7.3 SP 4. (Update: The SP4 statement was about the API. You can start developing your own  online mobile applications using the API provided by 7.3 SP4.)

(#1) All of this details provided by our fellow SAP Mentor Tobias Hofmann via Twitter (@tobiashofmann)

Sybase Unwired Platform 2.0; again as I couldn’t chat with the product managers and developers on this one, this is the summary I could gather for you:

  • Single Sign-on with the backend;
  • Native Language SDKs improved;
  • Hybrid Web Container – install this native application on the device (legacy SUP messaging libraries  and local data store)  and use the webkit runtime from the native SDK to build Web Apps(#2); “PhoneGappy” style; (Update: look at Tobias comments below)
  • HTML5,  jQuery Mobile and some CSS for look and feel(#2) ;
  • Application lifecycle control: Develop, Deploy and Manage.

(#2) Source: Mobile World of SAP, SUP 2.0;

Tablets are only one element of mobility, but more powerful devices had attracted the attention of the enterprise space into mobile development. In certain way they bring our costumer user experience into the enterprise. Business apps can be sticky, cool and fun to use.


This one it’s a nice mind twisting exercise, and here I put a citation that appeared on Day 01 Keynote:  “Man’s mind, once stretched by a new idea, never regains its original dimensions” – Oliver Wendell Holmes.

Mind exercise in place, you infrastructure guy might start thinking that:

  • OnDemand and OnPremisse will wave hybrid scenarios and co-exist . SAP will provide orchestration layer.
  • SAP Virtual Landscape Manager is your new friend for cloud control;
  • SAP Virtual Appliances Factory will provide you with a fresh SAP instance. You even may forget how to use SAPInst;
  • Steps to migrate: virtualize SAP systems, relocate them to the cloud and run a cloud landscape

Live coverage Strategy

The first step was to create an agenda and watch trending rumors about the content that would represent new information.
Streaming is your event credential. I tried to make sure that my setup works and no firewall restrictions were in place as the days approached.

Twitter is the newscaster, no words to describe that experience.
Following SAP Mentors in the event, SAP Executives and Community Evangelists, “Social Press” guys and gals. Twetting and Retwetting can get your voice out there. They are watching and just as an example:

Twitter Searches can fill the gaps in the conversation. Hashtags are good for you.

Early Edition – The Overnight Blogs
Well, not everybody needs sleep so during the event lots of people are contributing and using this very space for posting updates. Every morning I’d check for news on the event.

I even got a chance to walk and have a first person impression of the showfloor, thanks to Chris Kim. Check his videohere.

Event Value for the Community

Finally, I’d like to give lots of Kudos the current client I’m working at. They understood the value of this stream of information for their technologic strategy and I was able to “be in the event” during working hours. 

Last but not least. Now that you know that it is possible, tune in to the recoded sessions and get your share.

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  1. Marcelo Ramos

    Thank you for all informations shared !

    Unfortunately I couldn’t attend to Sapphire this year in Orlando, but I am proud to know that @tobiashofmann managed to go, especially because now he has a “Blue shirt” and  joined the Mentor wolfpack !!! 🙂

    See you in Vegas or will you be attending to SAP TechEd virtually ?

    Marcelo Ramos

    1. Marlo Simon Post author
      Thanks Marcelo,

      Vegas this year is a distant dream, unless some sponsor comes in the way. Madrid wouldn’t be bad also.
      Marlo Simon.

    2. Tobias Hofmann
      Hi Marcelo, Marlo,

      Brazil was represented! Got a whole different experience than I imagined. It was fun, specially the Mentor-only moments (I got picked up by @finnern and others while standing on the sidewalk and even got my dinner paid 🙂

      Talk to you guys soon!

      br, Tobias

  2. Tobias Hofmann
    to clearify: the mobile framework presented was cutting edge. We won’t get this until 2012. The SP4 statement was about the API. You can start developing your own online mobile applications using the API provided by 7.3 SP4.

    SUP: Yes, SUP will have web containers, just like phonegap, but is more enterprise ready like phonegap (security, API, etc). A nice feature is that you can use the web container to create an HTML page that you can deploy on any web server: no proprietary XML.

    br, Tobias

    1. Marlo Simon Post author
      Hi Tobias,

      Thanks for the update, I changed the text above.
      For sure this topics will generate a long podcast series. #eGeeksBrasil
      Marlo Simon.


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