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The first photo below is from the night before, so technically doesn’t belong in a blog about my Wednesday at ASUG/Sapphire. As for the rest, yes, there aren’t enough pictures of people I hadn’t met before.


Next is a shot of two of the RediPedi bicycle taxi drivers.  They said they have been working double shifts – up to 17 hours pushing their weight, plus one or two others, around the streets near the convention center.  Once again, thanks to the turn-around by SAP conference managers in permitting the bike taxis to gain access to the Orange County Convention Center grounds, as they have been “banned” for the last few years.  Hopefully all of the passengers enjoyed the hospitality and civility of the trained and licensed cyclists.


Photo 3 was an odd “smoke screen” that appeared in the sky around 9:00, first with several circles and then what looked like an equals sign.  I could not make out what was intended, or if it had anything to do with SAP.




Sorry, missed this one too.  You’ll need to read about it elsewhere.  I understand it had something to do with databases.


ASUG Booth Duty


When I worked out my schedule, I found a couple hours with little or no sessions of great interest to me.  A lot was going on, and I could have attended one of the many topics just to learn about it, but with a show floor, SAP pods, blogger table and the ASUG area to visit, I could not justify going somewhere out of academic interest.

So, I picked Wednesday morning for ASUG booth duty.    There was a lot to do there, with recruiting new companies and possible volunteers, not to mention the time capsule, directing people who could not find a session to the right location, and running into friends who wandered by.  Part of those who wandered by were enticed by tweets announcing my location, including Karin Tillotson and Tom Raftery, though others just happened by.


There was a Business Objects related SIG meet up; I chatted with Ingo Hilgefort about Fall events briefly.  I disagree that co-locating with SAP run events is in the best interest of user groups independence, though there are certainly logistic and convenience factors for attendees to consider.


A few other shots in and around the ASUG area were not during my official booth duty time.  And if I keep showing some of the same people, sorry.  I must not have had the presence to pull the camera out when I met the rest.


After lunch, I headed up to a Mobile Technologies track session.  As it was the last afternoon of the last day attendance was pretty weak.  There were actually a few more people in the rooms that my pictures might show, but it was hardly a standing room only crowd.  I think one of them might have called down to the booth to fill out the crowd, and I can’t blame them.


After that


With my committed volunteer duty complete (for ASUG), I wandered back to the show floor to look for Jeremiah Stone and pick up the sustainability champion from the day before.  Missed him on the first try, so it was back to the Global Communications area for a power and LAN hookup. I found him on the second try, followed by him introducing me to more SAP sustainability team members than I can remember.  Fortunately I collected several business cards and can connect later.  It was a pleasure being introduced as a “Sustainability Champion” to that group.

Among the ideas I kicked around with them was getting customer presentations on this technology for SAP TechEd, as the deadline is mere days away. Other areas in the SAP community needing work involve the blog areas, wiki, and forums for sustainability.  I had seen Peter Graf from SAP on monitors, along with two guests, one of whom is an active ASUG volunteer Ina Lerner.



Business Cards


(all SAP)


  • Peter Bussey – Environment, Health and Safety
  • David Vail – Sustainability
  • Karin Fent – Recycling & Reuse
  • Neil Krefsky – Sustainability Performance Management
  • Jeffrey Fara – SAP Carbon Impact






The Johnny Rocket dancing guy.



Aaron ( with hat) & Stacy – the iron men who haul 150 – 400 pounds (or more) behind their bike taxi – not including propelling themselves.  What would an Orlando conference be without RediPedi Cab?



Mickey in the sky with diamonds?





Sherryanne and Marilyn



Doug, Ingo, me



Courtney, me



Some guy, Dennis, Jon, Tom




Session on Baker Hughes mobile infrastructure



At the end of the Hospira session on their mobile road map.





Where is Abesh when you want him?





Jon, Marilyn







Jamie “Meh” and Karin

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