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One of the things I like to see if I cannot attend an event in person is a video tour of the show floor.  We can all read the tweets and blogs about the news coming out, but I personally like a “first person perspective” of an event. In other words, show me exactly what I would see if I was physically there.

With that in mind, yesterday I took some video of the show floor. It’s not a Hollywood-style production by any means but hopefully gives a sense of what attendees are seeing every day.

A couple of quick notes:

  • It’s over 8 minutes long and I had thought about cutting it down, but then realized anyone who is interested in this tour would probably want to see more and not less of the show floor.
  • Don’t be misled if you don’t see hoards of people in parts of the video.  I recorded it around lunch time intentionally to avoid bigger crowds in the campus areas. Otherwise you would not be able to see anything! Believe me with 13,000+ attendees this place gets plenty crowded.

If this is something you like we can try to do it for other events (and no doubt improve upon my filmmaking abilities :-)). Enjoy!


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  1. Former Member
    Thanks for sharing this video. Great idea.

    I am from Panama so Orlando is a little bit too far away from here, but with your help I won’t have to conform just imagining how would SAPPPHIRE be, because I can see how it was.

      1. Former Member Post author
        Thank you Erika! I’m really glad you enjoyed the video. I’m hoping we can make this a regular practice at our conferences. Thanks again!

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