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I had to teach about SAP BW Data Warehousing in a college right next to SAP Labs Latin America (where I work at). I was looking for a good picture to illustrate the Business Warehouse, but not many good options for beginners. I worked on another graph, that may be useful for you as well.


The name of the college is Unisinos and our building is actually based inside its campus, along with many other companies – like HCL, for example. The A on the map below is SAP Labs Latin America. Unfortunately, it seems we can’t have iframes on SDN Blogs, so I had to post a picture here. If you click on the link, it will direct you to that exact point in google maps though.


SAP Labs Latin America - Unisinos

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We all know this famous graph below and how it represents the BW product very well and with a cool design. It shows most of the BW elements together and may be good for teaching.



But guys… if you were presented to this picture without any knowledge of Data Warehousing and Business Intelligence… it can be very confusing – not to say scary! Like every good complex SAP stuff, it is full of acronyms and names that don’t give you the exact idea right away. Yes, too complex!


I could not find any better illustration. Even though this one can be confusing, it is indeed the best.


To solve this problem, I created a flash animation based on it. I didn’t have much time, so I made it very quickly. The main point is it actually shows each part of the BW system separately, allowing you to explain it in parts, making things simpler and easier for the audience to grasp it. It definitely needs some improvements and I definitely will work on them. As it is right now, it only shows each part as you click on the green play button.


I left the Meta Data Repository out as I would not have time to explain it all. But I do plan on adding it. 



Nexts steps will be:

  •  Adding “Meta Data Repository”.
  •  Correcting some perspective mistakes.
  •  Making the order of appearance customizable.
  •  Adding more navigation options.
  •  Allowing navigation through keyboard arrows.
  •  Adding some animations.


I will keep posting the progress in my blog. I will also add instructions to embed it into a ppt presentation.


Please, feel 100% free to use this animation anywhere you want!!! 

Link for the animation:


Até mais!!

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