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Mobile architecture is similar to traditional IT architecture as shown in the picture below


In traditional enterprise architecture projects it has been best practice to make the process layer a major building block for many years already. One good example is TOGAF Version 9 with its notion of a Business Architecture.

Concerning mobile architectures I sometimes get the impression that architects jump right onto the systems layer to figure out how to handle offline capabilities and security challenges as well as how to mobilize content.

As the diagram below shows these are important aspects but in fact the process layer with its application representation as orchestration should come first in the mobile architecture design.


Let’s consider the following example. Your company has the vision of becoming the most profitable consumer products manufacturer with the highest quality of products and the best customer service in its industry. One business strategy to support the vision concerning best customer service is to be closest to the customer. A process to support this strategy is to visit your customers on request and to action on their concerns. Application wise this requires the orchestration and mobilization of CRM and ERP data as well as embedded analytics.

Only with this established follow the considerations about how to realize the above applications systems wise. Here you would for example evaluate the use of the SAP Composition Environment (CE) and Business Process Management (BPM) to orchestrate the processes, SAP Process Integration (PI) to connect the systems and a SAP in-Memory Appliance (HANA) to realize real time analysis. Knowing the process you realize that you would require offline capabilities and therefore would for example evaluate the Sybase Unwired Platform (SUP). These considerations will follow your IT architecture principles and IT architecture patterns.

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