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You must be knowing a How to send any data (even binary) through XI, without using the Integration Repository written by Mr. William Li.

I was trying to send a PDF file to Receiver JMS adapter without using Integration Repository development in same manner as explined in the blog.  

So I did the configuration part and started testing my scenario but it didn’t turn well. The scenario in terms of communication was successful but MQ team wasn’t able to receive the payload properly. They were always getting the XI message paylod as “JMS String”.

So discussed the same in fourm under this File to JMS without using IR to know if I was doing somethig wrong but nothing was concluded yet.  

Finally, after doing some research we found the solution.  Actually the the default value of MQ is MQSTR and because that it was causing to convert the payload into JMS String and because of that MQ team was not able to receive the payload properly. MQ team asked us to send the paylod as bytes and that did the trick. 🙂

So, here are the configuration steps done in Receiver JMS Adapter to solve the problem.

Basically there are two things which we done to prevent the paylod to convert into JMS String.


i) Removed the CCSID from Target Tab (Fig 1.0)

ii) Under Module Tab added an entry for Module Name “SAP XI JMS Adapter/SendBinarytoXIJMSService” as shown below. (Fig 2.0)


Moduel Key      = exit
Parameter Name  = JMSMessagType
Parameter Value = bytes


Fig 1.0


Fig 2.0


So after doing above configuration MQ team were able to receive the PDF file successfully.

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