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Introducing the BI Fellowship Program

(Updated June 1, 2011 – Application time for BI Fellows is now closed.)

Hello BI fans (especially those committed to learn more about BI)!

When we surveyed SCN members about why they joined SCN, 3 main themes were:

  • Increase knowledge of SAP products and solutions
  • Get answers by learning from experts
  • Build professional network through member connections

This is exactly what our community does! So I’m ecstatic to introduce a new program that reinforces our commitment to help members achieve these goals, and help members grow and develop. The BI Fellowship Program is a pilot program that provides mentorship to members of our community interested in becoming Business Intelligence (BI) experts. (Please don’t confuse this program with our other well-known SAP Mentor initiative, or that other well-known Fellowship.)

54 of our members indicated in a Community Poll – Would you like a BI mentor? that they were interested in having a BI mentor. That was enough for me! We’ve received some fantastic support from SAP’s HR group who totally understands the value of developing our community members, just as an organization would invest in developing its staff. Our HR group has shared with me the best practices we will use in this BI Fellowship Program.

How the program will work is that “BI Fellows” will be paired with “BI Advisors” (BI experts from our community). Over the next 6 months, starting in June, BI Fellows will meet with their Advisors to discuss their learning or development goals, including:

  • Exploring career path in BI industry
  • Expanding personal network
  • Increasing BI product knowledge
  • Completing a BI project
  • Solving a problem using BI tools

Now, meet your BI Advisors:

You’ll notice our BI Advisors are also SAP Mentors. This was not a coincidence. Our SAP Mentors are natural Advisors for the BI Fellowship Program, and have all the qualifications of expertise, experience and a helpful mindset. I’d like to thank Dan, Ingo, Ken, Simon and Tammy for lending their star-power to this program.

Since this is a pilot, we’re keeping the scale of this program focused on BI, and for a 6-month term. I know that at least 54 people are interested in this program, and I know that we won’t be able to match that many applicants (at least not in this pilot). The focus is on the quality of engagement and learning for participants, rather than quantity.

Click through for more information about the BI Fellowship Program, and how you can apply (Note: depending on the speed of your internet connection, you might need to let the images upload first. You should also view Full Screen mode):

Alternatively, here’s a link to the Prezi: SAP BI Fellowship Program by Jason Cao on Prezi

Are you ready to take the next step in your BI journey? If so, please apply here: (Application now closed.)


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    • Hi Shahid,
      This absolutely applies to you, especially if you’re interested in learning more about BI administration. Our BI Advisors have rich experience in both technical and business-oriented scenarios, so BI Fellows can include technical and business users. I encourage you to submit your application.


  • Well I cannot be more happy to learn about this program.
    I am a certified SAP BW 7.0 consultant and am an active member of SCN.
    This program fits with my aspirations and I would like to learn and share the wisdom!!!
    • Hi John!
      Thanks for your interest in this program! Yes, this program is offered for free. Our BI Advisors are volunteering their time and expertise to help others in our community learn about BI. If an applicant is selected as a BI Fellow, he or she will be paired up with a BI Advisor to address a specific learning or development goal(s) around BI.


    • Hi Alexander,
      Thanks very much for your feedback and your question. The list of BI Fellows we’ve matched up with BI Advisors will be published in early June.


    • Hi Rakesh,
      Thank you for your interest in this program. Please feel free to review the information provided about this program, and apply if you feel this program is right for you. Please do so ASAP, as I will be closing applications tomorrow May 31, to review and match applicants. Please send me an email if you have any questions.
  • I am very eager to know when the shortlisted candidates for this program will get released. I hope that this program will fulfill the needs of the SAP consultants who want to participate in this program.