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I was trying to recollect all the thoughts related to master data management grabbed till now and it inspired me to write this blog. Again it is not possible for me to expand it with respect to particular business area or technology.

Let me start with the Enterprise data management – which is kind of galaxy where the entire data planets are residing, as in metadata management, governance, quality, security, architecture and our master data management. EDM is a center point for all these components.Excuse me here if I lost some more data planet for this galaxy.

Jump to our planet – MDM -> Set of processes and technology, helping to eliminate the bad data and improving the health of data towards eternity with those processes & technology. More on this can be seen Master Data Managment  — A Key to Data Business

Now hero on our planet, I would say project manager for this whole MDM program who knows how to handle MDM program in small budget with quality, and knows how to deal with right business areas and technology altogether.

He must have strong understanding of data management (Pure insight for EDM galaxy and its components) along with project management.  As MDM is an organization wide alignment right from CXO level bosses to each and every business area, and why not everyone will be affected and resulting will provide standard view of information everywhere.

Again, a very commanding key for this MDM program is data governance. In a nutshell I can say it is a process which helps to make business decisions and creates a smooth flow to gain and grow the data quality.

As I spoke about our one hero project manager, here some more leaders from particular business area will be in picture known as data stewards. There role will provide the definitions, set  some quality  expectations, taking care for compliance, making some rules in place for their relevant business areas.

I also realized about the various ways of MDM establishment in an organization as in – collaborative, analytical & operational. But again it depends on organization needs. The decision will be in our hero’s hands. Because each MDM initiative is planned uniquely by analyzing business needs, the reality of technology. At last it create a base for analyze as-Is and help to make it best to-Be situation.

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