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Last time I blogged I talked about how to use the Records Change case option in the DeskTop Mailer and Postalsoft Business Edition software.  Today I am going to talk about how to customize the mixed case option so it will change the case of the data in your file to your specifications.  To do this you can use the mixcase.tbl file.  To use the Mixcase.tbl file locate this file in your c:\postalsoft\system directory.  Use a text editor to open up this file.  I like to use wordpad or notepad.  Once you open up this file you will see a list of words like 3M, AA, AAA, AARP, AMTRAK when you use the mixed case option the software will check this file to see if any of the words in your data match this list.  If they do the software will use the format of the words in this list as the final format.  This is very helpful if you have a lot of company names in a file that do not follow the standard mixed case format like the examples above.  It is also helpful with some last names that hold an upper case letter within the last name for example McDonald.  Remember to keep just one word per line in this file.  You can edit this file as often as you need to.  Keep this file up to date and the results of your mixed case changes will always be what you expect.  For more information search on Mixed case in the Postalsoft Help Topics.

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  1. Korey Kinstler Post author
    I just wanted DeskTop Mailer and Business Edition users to know that if they want they can customize the way we change data to mixed case by editing the mixcase.tbl file. 



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