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Before the release of SAP BI 7.0, in the previous version 3.x; we were not able to redesign the info cubes without deleting the existing data from the info cube. We had to delete all the data, modify the cube & then re-load the data again. But with the release of 7.0; the concept of Remodeling introduced as a feature to change the design of an info cube without deleting the Existing Data.


Before starting with the steps of Remodeling, I would like to mention the Dos & DONTs –

  • No data loading should be in process
  • After remodeling, check all the BI objects that are connected to the InfoProvider like transformation rules, MultiProviders, DTPs have been deactivated. You have to re-activate these objects manually.
  • The remodeling makes existing queries that are based on the InfoProvider invalid. You have to manually adjust these queries according to the remodeled InfoProvider.
  • You cannot replace or delete units. This avoids having key figures in the InfoCube without the corresponding unit

Following are the steps to be followed

Go to the context menu of Info cube that is to be redesign, select Remodeling as shown in fig. or select the Administration tab from the Left Most Area. There you can select Remodeling or can go direct to the T-Code RSMRT.



It opens the screen for remodeling the info cube. Enter the Remodeling Rule name & the Info Cube name. Click on create button. Write the description for Remodeling Rule.



Select the Add button shown circled in the below figure. It adds an operation into the list.


Select the Radio Button as per requirement. Here I am selecting the ADD Characteristics to add the info object into the Info cube.


The Info Object 0REGION is the new field to be incorporated into the Info Cube by reading Master data from info object 0SOLD_TO. Click on Transfer Tab & then save the changes.


**We can even fix the value for the new info object as a Constant or can do One to One Mapping with the existing characteristics in the Info cube or write a customer exit to populate the vale of New Info Object.


Check the consistency of the Info Cube.

Now click on the Schedule Button & execute for either “Start Immediate” or “Start Later”.


Monitor the request.


Now go to the info cube in RSA1, check the new Info Objects incorporated into the Cube with their corresponding data.



Also remember to activate the Transformation as well as the DTP of the Info Cube. Now there you can map the new Info Objects in the transformation but no need to upload the whole data again.

In the similar way, we can delete the Characteristics from the info cube without deleting the existing data into the Info Cube.

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  1. Former Member


    I am in same condition how did you mapped at transformation level for new info object 0country.

    When you executed remodeling rule it filled historic data for 0country but how it filled for newly coming data through day by day data loading. For this we need to make a transformation rule so how did you do that?


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