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(self promo) New book : ‘Configuring and Customizing Employee and Manager Self Services in SAP ERP HCM (up to ERP6.0 and Ehp4) is now released and available to the grand public. Over 580 pages and 600 figures to illustrate to configuration and customizing steps. Includes online bonus chapters !


Both the authoer (proud daddy) and the manuscript are fine.

Use discount code MGSDN10 at checkout to benefit from special price. Made for SDN ! Offer valid until end of May 2011.


Configuring and Customizing Employee and Manager Self Services in SAP HCM

Executive Summary


– Learn about every configuration step and find all relevant transactions easily
– Explore options for customizing ESS and MSS to meet specific business needs
– Benefit from hands-on tips and expert advice


ESS, MSS, SAP ERP backend, and Portal, are you about to get lost in countless configuration options for SAP self-services? This book will help. Find details on all configuration steps, easily identify the relevant transactions and tables for a specific task, and benefit from tips and tricks from one of the SAP community with most renowned HR consultants. With extra chapters on workflow, reporting, and authorizations, this book has everything you need to successfully embark on a self-services project.


 1 Each Step Comprehensively Documented
Find detailed information on IMG access, relevant tables, transaction codes, and optional BAdI enhancements for each configuration step in ESS and MSS.

2 Hands-On Instructions and Screenshots
Build the exact solution your HR team wants with expert advice on possible configuration options and screenshots for every step.

3 Configuring the Landscape
Learn from in-depth instructions on backend, infrastructure, and cross-application components such as SAP ERP, Portal, workflow, reporting, authorizations, and user management.

4 Find Everything You Need in Seconds
An extensive index conveniently points you to all configuration transactions and IMG steps, tables, BAdIs, and reports.

5 Bonus Content for Download
Go to to download four additional chapters on integration with Project Self-Services, Employee Interaction Center, E-Recruiting, and SAP Enterprise Learning.

Highlights Include

– Employee Self-Services configuration
– Manager Self-Services configuration
– Portal configuration
– Backend configuration
– Reporting
– Workflow
– User management
– Authorizations
– HR Administrator


 Excerpt from the editor’s foreword : Florian Zimniak


Dear Reader,


What happens if you combine the creative power and expert knowledge of an SAP Mentor Initiative with the restraints of an SAP PRESS book project?


Well, first, as an editor, you learn things. Mentors are busy people, for example: Their multiple obligations in the community and at customer sites sometimes compete with deadlines set in a side-project such as writing a book. Also, they are sensitive in regards of netiquette: CAPITAL LETTERS make them cringe.


But, second and far more important, you get a book that truly delivers expert andreal-world advice. In all my years at SAP PRESS I have never (never!) seen any of my authors drill down that deeply into the depths of the IMG as Martin did in the book you’re just about to read. I am sure that it will be a companion in your self-services project that you will not want to miss a single day!


Florian Zimniak

Publishing Director, SAP PRESS




Writing a configuration book takes a lot of time, will, energy, and determination. It also takes a lot of help as this is somewhat of a team effort.


This book is the fruit of many years of gathering information, practicing the functionalities and teaching them at SAP education centers. I have spent a great deal of time trying to keep up with the SAP offering and the technology shifts, and trying to piece the different workarounds or alternatives to known issues or functionalities not provided in the standard SAP offering. One of the conclusions I’ve come to over the years is that even though we think we know the product, each implementation is a new challenge. This is mainly because each customer has its own requirements but also because the technologies change, not to mention the new functionalities or roles provided by SAP. Among the many colleagues and customers I’ve met in my SAP career, I would like to thank colleagues Dieter Flack and Harald Reiter for their expertise and knowledge sharing during common project assignments.


Although this configuration book is built on knowledge acquired and information gathered since my first acquaintance with Employee Self-Services back in 1998(thanks to Udo Waibel among the many authors for showing us the way with thefirst Employee Self-Service book in SAP release 4.6c), it is also a product of indirect influences from the people and peers I’ve met throughout my assignments, the online exchanges, and the training held either at customer locations or SAP education centers. This list is long and distinguished, and a special thanks goes to all the delegates I’ve met while teaching self-services courses (HR290, HR250, HR260, HR255, etc.). They have provided additional perspectives, questions, issues, and ideas concerning how these functionalities could, should, or would work. I’d like to express my gratitude to all SAP education center teams, and namely to Anne-Catherine Rampelbergs from SAP Belgium for her professionalism and flexibility.


I’m a big fan and supporter of communities and sharing experiences, findings,and expertise, which in my humble opinion are enhancing the foundation of our knowledge. I would like to express my gratitude to all my community peers met throughout the different channels, especially the following individuals:


Jarret Pazahanick for his support on the new self-services technologies, such as the Employee Interaction Center.

Markus Klein for his HCM knowledge sharing and the great detailed wiki article, “Employee Self-Services: Personal Information UI Enhancement without Modification”.

Siddharth Rajora for his HCM and self-services community expertise and spirit.

Marcio Leoni for his outstanding wiki article, “How to Get Rid of Support Packages Mismatch Issues (in the Field of HCM Self Services)”.


I’d also like to show my appreciation of Craig Cmehil, who is quite an inspiration to me with his charisma, and especially his activities in the field of the blogger influencers sphere and the SAP world of Innovation, Technology, and Mobility.


I am heartily thankful to my social media peers and followers, whose encouragement, guidance, and support enabled me to gather even more understanding of the subject. There are too many to be named, but I am sure that most of them will recognize themselves here.


I would also like to thank the extended community family, also known as the SAP Mentors (the list is long and distinguished), who are pushing our learning curve up by interacting with us, providing access to the latest information and rampup products, as well as leading us to beta testing, which helps us to better understand tomorrow’s products. I must especially mention Mark Finnern and Aslan Noghre Kar for their faith, dedication, and leadership in the SAP Mentors program.


Also, as we are awaiting the Human Resources Self Services Certification, I would like to salute the team members of the Certification working group, also known as the “Certification 5,” for taking certification into their own creative hands and spending countless hours to extensively improve SAP certification. Their expertise, broad experience, and talent combined with dedication and passion gave birth to white paper and exciting, challenging projects. Kudos to Leonardo De Araujo, Dennis Howlett, Michael Koch, and Jon Reed for “raising the bar,” their camaraderie, and team spirit.


It sounds cliché, but I do believe that I would not complete any achievements if my family wasn’t around to support me. I would like to thank my sweet wife, Bérengère, and my two sons, Collin and Julian, for their patience with late nights and sometimes decreased quality time over some weekends. I also would like to thank my brother Nicolas and my two sisters Hélène and Magali for their unconditional love and affection. I trust life, no matter how short it can be, is all about balance. Family plays a great part in that way. Since my first SAP book regarding the Cross-Application Time Sheet (CATS) with its 231 pages, I also realized that none of this would have happened without my mom’s dedication and her ability to see through me. Don’t we say that moms know best? While browsing through the myriad of Education offering after High School, she felt Human Resources management would suit me like a charm and she pointed it out back in 1994. I dedicate this book to the loving memory of Stéphane Rotsart de Hertaing (1947-2000). We dearly miss you everyday since life took you away from us. Quoting the band EELS: “P.S: You rock my World.” (sorry average quality but great live performance).


While writing this book, we unexpectedly lost our SAP HCM project business counterpart, Robert Grieder (1969-2011), who was a talented professional and meticulous SAP HCM analyst, philosopher, and artist. His professionalism and work dedication will be dearly missed. Godspeed, Robert.


I would like also to reiterate my loyalty to the best composer of all time, Hans Zimmer, who mastered the best original soundtracks ever in addition to the ‘usual suspects’ also known as: Harry Gregson-Willians and James Horner and the best band ever, Depeche Mode, which energized many of my sleepless nights while working on this book.


Last but not least, I would like to thank the SAP PRESS editorial team, not only for accepting this self-services book project but for their dedication, their professional commitment, their professionalism, and, most important, their patience. Writing a book takes a considerable amount of our time to build, as each chapter requires many revisions and inputs. This book was written often after normal working hours, so SAP PRESS’s patience was quite challenged, but they always stood by me when many other editors would have dropped out. My gratitude goes namely to Florian Zimniak and Graham Geary, as well as to Julie McNamee, who did an outstanding job on copyediting this manuscript. I also would like to thank Jonathan Kent from SAP PRESS for his professionalism and dedication to promote my work.


Where to find it .. with reading sample and online free bonus chapters


The full table of content is available online.


 Extra online material can also be downloaded free of charge : 4 bonus chapters.


Try the reading sample now !


My five cents sharing my knownledge in the field of Employee and Manager Self Services.


Thanks you for reading me until the end.

Perhaps let’s meetup online or during one of the HR255 HCM Self Services class that I train ?


Looking forward to your feedback.


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  1. Former Member
    Hi Martin,

    Congratulations for the book!

    just two questions:

    Is the book covering EHP5 with all new features? and what about portal release 7.3?

    1. Former Member Post author
      Thank you.
      It was our wish but … the book was already delayed (my fault as written after hours and so much to say…) and promised to readers…
      So the plan was to go ahead with first release in Ehp4. We had to compromise and deliver.

      Also, as SAP has not delivered the Ehp5 for general availability, I trust we were not ‘authorized’ to proceed.

      Although nothing confirmed yet -both editor and author need much desserved rest- SAP PRESS clearly expressed that this book will be updated for next Ehp. So bear with us.

      Thanks for your interest.

      My five cents,

  2. Former Member
    Hi Martin,

    I appreciate your efforts. This would help every one.

    Would like to understand what is the basic difference between this book and the other SAP book
    “Implementing Employee and Manager Self-Services in SAP ERP HCM”

    1. Former Member Post author
      Thanks for your feedback.
      IMHO the ‘other book’ powered by Jeremy Master is more highligting what the product offers and its capability whereas ‘mine’  provides detailes configuration along the customizing steps.
      I trust both are complimentary.
      Hope this helps,
      My five cents,
      1. Former Member
        Had a quick glance of the book, its very informative and is providing the detailed config steps with screen shots. Looks promising and very helpfull.

        Once again I would like to appreciate all your efforts for providing us with such a wonderful book.

      2. Former Member
        Had a quick glance of the book, its very informative and is providing the detailed config steps with screen shots. Looks promising and very helpfull.

        Once again I would like to appreciate all your efforts for providing us with such a wonderful book.

      3. Former Member
        Had a quick glance of the book, its very informative and is providing the detailed config steps with screen shots. Looks promising and very helpfull.

        Once again I would like to appreciate all your efforts for providing us with such a wonderful book.

  3. Tammy Powlas
    @MGILLET I own your CATS books and I highly recommend it.

    I love Depeche Mode too.

    Awesome work and as an owner of many SAP Press books I say thank you for taking the time to write this.


  4. Luke Marson
    Hi Martin,

    There’s nothing like a bit of shameless self-promotion!

    Joking aside, well done on another excellent contribution to the SAP community. You are a shining light to all SAP consultants!

    Let me know when you’re up in Vlaanderen next and we can grab a beer.



  5. Former Member
    There just isn’t enough HCM type books out there.  I’m glad to hear about another one.  (And passed on the information to people that I work with).

    Writing a book is very hard and a lot of work.  A pretty thankless job.

    Thank you!



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