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Retraction process, in opposite to extraction, is data flow from Business Warehouse (BW) to ECC systems.

There are several standard retraction processes provided by SAP, such as retraction to CO-PA, FM, PS modules.

This article will focus on BW – > CO-PA retraction process and, mainly, explain how to execute such process within IP (Integrated Planning) screen based on WAD (Web Application Designer).



Standard retraction process should be created with transaction code KELC at ECC side.

In addition, Bex query is required for retraction process, and should be created at BW side.

For more details and step-by-step procedure regarding CO-PA retraction at ECC please follow the next document.


General architecture


As the first step we should find out which ABAP report executes retraction process (transaction code) at ECC side

For example, TC KELR, which is retraction process for COPA, executed by ABAP report RKEBW3RE.

We can find the report name by using TC SE93 and entering KELR in suitable field.

Then, COPA team should create a variant for RKEBW3RE report with suitable values (for example version, record type etc).

Then, we’ll create a process chain (TC RSPC) at ECC side that executes RKEBW3RE report with suitable variant provided by COPA team.

Now we should check the process chain: execute and ensure that retraction process updates COPA as required.

The next step is creating a process chain at BW side (TC RSPC).

The process chain will call remote process chain in ECC (early created) using WAD screen (WAD button group).

Finally, we should create a button group in WAD with a button that executes a process chain in BW with standard WAD command EXECUTE_PROCESS_CHAIN.

The process chain will call remote process chain in ECC and retraction report as well.

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