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How to schedule Bex Broadcasting jobs using Process chain:

Business Case:

You have a requirement to run Bex reports and email them to the user community daily morning at 8am. Bex Broadcasting is the great tool to do that. You have a option to schedule Broadcasting job every day at 8am. Now the big question is to how to synchronise more than one jobs one after the other without causing bottleneck on the Precal server.
This Blog provides simple way to achieve that.

 1) Create Broadcasting settings as below.

 Open Query in Query Designer->Publish->Bex Broadcasting

After selecting the BEx Broadcaster you will be navigated to the below screen, Give your login credentials and click on Logon Pushbutton.


After that you will get the following screen and then click on Create New Setting


After clicking on Create New setting push button, we will get the below screen to maintain setting details. Go through each tab and maintain relevant details for the setting and save the setting with Technical name

Important entries:

  • Technical name
  • Output Format
  • As ZIP file (Check box)
  • Email Addresses
  • Subject


 2) Include Broadcasting setting in the Process chain as below:

 T-code RSPC ->Create-> Start process

After Start Process->Select ABAP Program


After that you will get the below screen. Enter Program name as SRD_BROADCAST_STARTER

Then Click on Pencil next to “Program Variant” Box. It will take you to the next screen to create variant.


Enter Variant name (e.g.TER_ERR2) and click Create button.


 It will take you to the below screen. Enter your Broadcasting settings Technical name (e.g. ZPO_O42_Q_P_TER_ERR_Q1) and click “Attributes”


 Enter Description of Variant and save it.

Save the process


 Activate the process chain.


 3) Include multiple Broadcasting settings in the Process chain as below:

Create another process using “ABAP Program”

Enter same Program name SRD_BROADCAST_STARTER

Create new Program Variant (e.g.TER_ERR1)


Use another Broadcasting setting for this new Variant.

Save Variant with Description.

Save the new ABAP Process.


Please note: “ABAP Program” processes scheduled to run one after another in the process chain run very quickly and schedule Broadcasting jobs on Precalculation server in parallel. If Precalculation Server is not robust enough, then all these jobs will cause bottleneck on the server and Server will stop working.

To avoid this situation analyse the processing time of each Bex report included in the broadcasting process chain. if the process is taking 60Sec to complete then we need to put 60 Sec time delay on the subsequent process . If any report is taking more time then put that time as a time delay for the subsequent process so that next process will not start while the previous one is still running.

Right click on the process->Select Debug Loop..

Enter 60 in the next window.


 Activate the chain and schedule.


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  1. Former Member

    Hi Mohan,

    Thank you for sharing this useful information.

    I have setup my broadcasting setting and then followed your blog to trigger it through process chain. But when I am running process chain it turn to be successfully but it is not gearing any email. But when I trigger ABAP program and variant manually it do generate email. Can you please let me know what could be the possible issue here.



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