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Not so Long ago, in a place near you

This story begins in late 2010. After digesting the contents of many deep Teched 2010 sessions it’s  a natural tendency to start wondering about the hot topics for the coming years and what would be the next SAP’s innovation cycle.

Even with a few years inside the consulting trenches this was my first big deal international SAP event. Some sessions led into clues of how the things are changing and where they are heading. The positive repercussion began with personal interactions with a few characters, particularly these two very expressive guys in their fields:

Kudos granted, I believe these were the key influencers in this decision to pursue the journey – the BPX way. The good news is that now we have one more aspiring BPX to help to spread the word!


We Love BPM
Source: Starter Kit for Business Process Management


Certification as the Means to Knowledge

The motivation to start a new quest may come from different places. We could seek better qualification, market skills, career growth or even new sources of entertainment.

A certification test in our field serves as evidence, a proof of understanding and mastery degree of a specific topic, being it technical or managerial. Yes it’s arguable, as our SAP Certification: The Certification 5 Report friends embrace the topic, but let´s move on to Business Process Expert Associate definition:

“This certification test verifies the knowledge in the area of the SAP Business Solution Architecture as a specialized consultant profile within SAP Solution Architecture. This certificate builds on the basic knowledge gained by generic Business Solution consultant skills.” (C_BPX_70)

The proposition is: why not to use the challenge of a test to generate the required energy for boldly going to a new field of ​​knowledge?


Laying out the Study Plan

  • #01 – Understand the problem
    Target acquired; now we need to find out how deep we have to dig.
    Check all the requirements for the test, study the gaps between what you know and what will be asked, take formal training, find books, SCN Articles and eLearnings.
  • #02 – Use what you have to get what you want
    Even if conditions aren’t perfect gather the most info and supply you could find.
    Let’s say you don’t have all the study material. Read! Search! Explore!
  • #03 – Dedication is key
    Make room in you agenda for exclusive dedication.
    Create a project schedule to cover all the areas and study material. Schedule the exam and track your progress


A Happy ending

These past months in the process of learning were really satisfying and yielded a surprising outcome that wasn’t expected, a change in view.

The content presented by the BPX initiative was about revisiting management concepts and fostering new ideas. The whole process felt like a specialization course, something that really contributes not only to one’s professional content but also to life.

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  1. Marcelo Ramos
    Nice blog Marlo,

    I like the way you put your thoughts, I look forward to see more of you tales, keep going posting!

    I like to read someone´s first post… Welcome on board !  🙂


    1. Marlo Simon Post author
      Thanks for all the support and mentoring on the process.
      Gotta say that I have a few post on draft 😉

      May all benefit,
      Marlo Simon.


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