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Hi Readers,

In this blog we are going to see one of the common Issues in Business Objects deployment i.e. Stale sessions which catch up the concurrent user licenses. Let’s have a look on the issue briefly.

Problem statement:

Concurrent users are being shown as logged in multiple times and their sessions are not being cleared even when they are not using the Business Objects Applications. As a result concurrent user licenses are getting used up very quickly causing other concurrent users facing login Issues due to unavailability of concurrent user licenses (i.e.) All the concurrent licenses are utilized.

Impact – What are the effects/symptoms of the issue?

Concurrent Users of the system will be facing logon Issues due to unavailability of the concurrent licenses.


    • Effective utilization of existing Business Objects Licensing
    • Useful for re-sizing of Business Objects deployment.

Solution Approach for resolution


              1. Always ensure that Session Cleanup Listener and Logon token parameters are configured properly in respective business objects applications.

Open web.xml under <BO Installdir>\Business Objects\Tomcat55\webapps\InfoViewApp\WEB-INF

And make sure that the below configuration has been made (in BO 3.x).

    • Session Cleanup Listener is active/uncommented.

This will ensure the automatic session cleanup is enabled

    • Logon token is set to disabled.

Changing the true to false does not allow the token to re-login from stale sessions


     This above is for Infoview application. If you want to implement the same for

     other 3-tier applications like CMC, Xcelcius and AdminTools,you have to modify the

     web.xml for each application directory within Business Objects Installation directory.

2.          2. Implement a SDK utility which periodically monitors and cleans up the stale sessions

                    which consumes the concurrent user license.

     Hope the blog could be useful for User and Session management for Business Objects Administrators.

     Thanks for reading.

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  1. Former Member

    Hi Mani

    I am using SAP BO 4.0.

    Is the path     

    C:\Program Files (x86)\SAP BusinessObjects\Tomcat6\webapps\BOE\WEB-INF    correct ?

    There in my web.xml, I have only




    in listener.

    Users have access to BI Launch pad.

    Please help me…



    1. Former Member

      In 4.0, SAP supplied KillSession App, Access the app same way you access Launchpad or CMC, you can kill the sessions.

      Check this KB Articale: 1803138 – How to Kill Sessions in BI 4.0 without restart

    1. Former Member

      KBA: 1803138. This is the manual process to kill session in BI 4.0

      I need to know, Crystal Reports 2013 running against Crystal Server 2013 SP1 and having access access through Cold Fusion application. But there are no any logoff button. So Crystal Reports closed by browser. But session still active in CMC.

      If there any best way to stop session immediately, after closing the browser.



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