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In theSAP Integration Update 10 – SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, OLAP Edtion – Part 1of this blog series about SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, OLAP edition we learned how we can establish the connectivity and we used some of the basic functionality.


This time I would like to show how SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, OLAP Edition is able to leverage hiearchies from the SAP NetWeaver BW system.


Now lets start with a worksheet in SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, OLAP edition showing our countries along a hierarchy…




The first feature I would like to highlight is a very fast level based member selection. In case your dimension contains a hierarchy you are also shown the the levels and an entry for the leaf members as part of the meta data.



You can use those to visually filter the data of your crosstab. For example I could use a simple drag and drop of the Leaf Members on top of my Country Hiearchy 1 entry…



and my crosstab will get filtered down to show only the leaf members.




The important part here is that this filtering was only done in a visual manner and it did not change by selection of the levels and members of the hierarchy that are part of my scope. So when I open the member selector of the hierarchy I can see that still all members are selected and that the Leaf members was a simple visual filter.



If I would like to change the scope of my member selection I could use the Member Selector (as shown above) or I can use the context menu and select which levels I would like to include.



An additional nice capbaility of SAP BusinessObjects Analysis, OLAP edition is the option to add so called dynamic calcualtions like a ranking, but not only can I add those to my crosstab but instead Analysis, OLAP edition is also capable of ranking the values correctly across a hierarchy.



As you can see here a ranking for the Net Value you will recognize that in each node the members are ranked against each other (see the top 2 rows as part of Advanced Series) and all Nodes are ranked against each other (Advanced Series and Basic Series).


In the next screen I am showing how Analysis, OLAP edition is able to leverage multiple hierarchies as part of a single crosstab.



Here you can see that the product is designed to work with hierarchical data and is fully capable of working with several hierarchies at the same time.


In regards to charting you can leverage the hierarchical labeling as well as shown below


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    1. Ingo Hilgefort
      Post author

      Analysis OLAP is the premium successor for Voyager and for BEx Web Reporting and all three of them are able to handle unbalanced hierarchies.



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