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I recently executed an Oracle DB-Upgrade on Aix from Oracle to

We already did this more than 50 times and sometimes there are new situations you never had before. In this case the problem was with the dbua hanging at the beginning of the upgrade phase. There is the screen with the wheels and they keep running and running and i thought when will it finish (it usually takes only a few seconds). So after some analysis i found a metalink note regarding problems with an sql (v$rman_backup_job_details – don´t ask me why in this system).

I did the following, first i canceled the dbua. After that you execute the following steps:
1.) exec dbms_stats.DELETE_TABLE_STATS(‘SYS’,’X$KCCRSR’);
2.) alter system flush shared_pool; (or restart the database, should be possible if you are going to upgrade the database 😉

After executing steps mentioned above the sql regarding v$rman_backup_job_details will perform normal.
if you are not sure if you have this problem look in the trace.log or sqls.log under /oracle/cfgtoollogs/dbua/logs

maybe a search in oracles metalink may help further, i recommend looking in note [1314788.1]

CU soon

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  1. Tom Cenens
    Hello Alexander

    We will be performing heaps of Oracle11 upgrades soon so this information might come in handy. Haven’t bumped into it yet but like you say you never know.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Kind regards


  2. Lars Breddemann
    Hi there,

    sound familiar to a long known-issue I described in note #1011731.

    Have you – by accident – also tried to regather current statistics for X$KCCRSR instead of just dropping them?


    1. Alexander Bertram Post author
      hi lars,
      we didn´t tried to regather.
      We deleted the statistics as mentioned in the oracle metalink note.
      It was the only way to get rid of the problem.
      We gather the oracle system statistics on a weekly basis so i am not sure if the statistics should have been ok for X$KCCRSR.

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