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Alexander Peter already covered what is new this What’s new in Analysis 1.1, edition for Microsoft Office?.  That motivated me to apply to be a ramp-up customer.  First, I applied, and was approved.  Then, next step, install the software.  Later, I learned that I installed it wrong.  Learn from my mistake below:


Figure 1

In Figure 1, I didn’t click the plus sign to enable 1.1 features.  A few days later, I fixed that after reading the Administrator Guide:


Figure 2
In Figure 2, I learned that you need to click the plus sign to Enable 1.1 features.

So what is new via screen shots?


Figure 3 Ribbon Name change

First, the ribbon name has been changed from “Advanced Analysis” to “Analysis”


Figure 4 Insert Analysis View

Insert menu now has Insert Analysis View, part of the interoperability with other client tools coming with BI 4.0.


Figure 5  Edit Conditional Formatting

As Figure 5 shows, you can now edit your Conditional Formatting.  In Analysis 1.0 you could only Create or Remove the conditional formatting.


Figure 6 User settings
Under the Settings option, you can click on the “Show Planning Group in Ribbon Toolbar”. 


Figure 7 Planning

Figure 7 shows the planning in the toolbar:

  • Save Data writes data back to the database
  • Recalculate button checks against back end and calculate subtotals
  • Back button takes you back to consistent state

The features in planning are enough for its own separate blog. 


Figure 8 – Components Tab of Display Panel, Remove Data Before Saving

Figure 8 allows you to remove the data before saving, for security purposes.


Figure 9 Reopening a Workbook

In Figure 9, when you re-open the workbook you are prompted to refresh data to update.  After clicking the Refresh All button the system will refresh from the back-end to ensure you have the right authorizations.


Figure 10 Default Workbook

You can also save a default workbook that may contain, for instance, your company’s logo.  Under the Settings ribbon, user settings, you tell Analysis the default workbook location.

Then when you open the data sources the default workbook appears.


Figure 11 Default Workbook

Figure 11 is my example of a default workbook.


Are you interested in more?  Then visit the Analysis page where there is help, recordings, and what’s new.


Additionally, do not miss Alex Peter at ASUG Annual Conference, ASUG Influence Council for Analysis, Session code 4408, Wednesday, May 18th.

Are you missing Annual Conference? Then join us June 14th for an ASUG Webcast where Alex will review the new 1.1 features for BusinessObjects Analysis, MS Edition for Office.

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  1. Stephen Johannes
    I would have expected to see an actual logo when making such a bold statement like that in your workbook.

    Due to the fact 99% of the MU vs KU rivarly would instantly violate the SCN terms of engagement, I will refrain from further comments 🙂

    Take care,


  2. Witalij Rudnicki
    Hi Tammy. Thanks for sharing. Thing that makes me curious is if SBO Analysis is a premium offer, how is license verified during installation or may be execution of this software? Thanks. -Vitaliy
    1. Tammy Powlas Post author
      Hi Vitaliy,
      Thank you for responding.

      There are no license keys during installation so it is my understanding the only verification is that you have access to the software via the Software Distribution Center.


  3. Former Member
    Hi Tammy.
    Thank you that you doing.
    Me and my friends using AA for Office for evaluation purposes (past few weeks). 

    Couple questions:
    1. Is there any topic or branch on the SCN-forums for AA, Office edition ?
    2. lisencing – AA for Office is a part of BO 4.0 platform or not ?

    1. Tammy Powlas Post author
      Hello Mikhail,
      Thank you for reading and taking the time to respond.  In response to your questions:

      1) There isn’t a dedicated SCN forum for Analysis – the topics are combined with others here:

      2) Licensing – I would talk to your account manager as it seems everyone’s license is different.  For sure I am using 1.1 version NOT on a BI 4.0 platform (BI platform is not required at all for Analysis)

      Good luck with your evaluation.


      1. Former Member
        Hello Tammy,
        Thank you for your response
        1.Why in others ? 🙂 AAO (if i clearly  understanding BO strategy) should be the main tools for IP-planning and reporting in Excel and PowerPoint (BOP, BW, HANA, etc…).
        This is more than enough for dedicated branch. 🙂
        2. Ok.

        P.S.> AAO seems to be good, userfriendly and functionality UI, but still missing varius Bex-features like
        • BW documents
        • Report-report inferface
        • Variants/personalizations
        • Broadcasting/precalculation

        But not all now, more time needed.

        1. Tammy Powlas Post author
          Hi Mikhail –
          For sure I agree it should have its own forum but I don’t set up the  SCN forums.  I may ask about it.

          I fully agree it is missing some functionality but the UI is outstanding (no training needed).


  4. Former Member
    Asking for login multiple times when creating a Workbook when inserting queries eachtime on different sheets of the workbook (When we are inserting more than one datasource) – this is annoying…any solution for that..

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