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Recently I was going through documentation of MDG and I was wonder struck with the offerings SAP has given, particularly the integration of BRFPlus and SAP Business Workflow with Master Data Governance (MDG).

All the views provided here are my personal opinions and based out of my experience with Data Management and do not necessarily reflect my employer’s. Please treat the inputs in this blog as just opinions and you should definitely seek professional expertise and opinion before making your business decisions.


BRFPlus is one of the core components in this Master Data Governance.

The way SAP has integrated BRFPlus while loading data into MDG is mind blowing. Unlike the traditional way of writing ABAP code for doing validations and derivations, SAP has closely knit BRFPlus with MDG to carry out these operations. This will give flexibility for business users to do modifications to business rules without much dependency on technical team.

BRFPlus can be used to define validation rules and derive values as per the business rules. We can use Rules, Rule sets, Decision tables and trees and many other features of BRFPlus to carry out these activities.

Of course SAP has still given the option of using BADI’s for writing these validations and derivations.

Another important feature SAP has provided is the close integration of BRFPlus with SAP Business Workflow in MDG. SAP has given many pre-configured features and standard workflows for this purpose. These will be handy for creating and modifying complex rules in workflows using decision tables and decision trees which will be very effective for the ever changing business demands.

With BRFPlus going to be the core for Business Rules management, and ever increasing usage in SAP applications like CRM, Transportation Management, Social Sector, Tax and Revenue Management to name a few, Techies should focus more on BRFPlus and understand the full potential of BRFPlus.

There is a huge potential for BRFPlus in coming years particularly using BRFPlus in Workflows, Validations and Derivations in MDG, integration with third part decision management systems and many more. No doubt, this will give clients return on investment (ROI) and true value, and more significantly business users are empowered to modify business rules with ease to the ever changing and dynamic business decisions.

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  1. Former Member
    I agree with your thoughts Rama. I am saying this with my hands on experience(prototyping) on MDG. The way BRF+ is integrated with the workflows and also the ease in maintaining the decision tables, derivation rules etc is really something exciting. To me, MDG has a very bright future ahead.


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