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SAP Event Management SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight
What is it?

SAP Event Management is a solution stemming out of Supply Chain Management (SCM) to providing visibility, status and exception management to business processes. It allows for the fast resolution of exceptions together with the ability to report on the performance of the business process at an instance level.

SAP EM is also the core component of the Object Event Repository (OER) which is SAP’s standard tool for serialized item traceability with authentication functionality.

SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight is SAP’s standard solution for processing large volumes of raw events coming from highly distributed heterogeneous systems. It comes with a complex event processing engine (CEP) which allows for the processing of these large volumes of events.

SAP BO EI allows the user to configure operational dashboards or reports used to monitor the process against pre-determined service levels. If the process goes outside the tolerance an exception is raised as an event.

 What questions does it answer?

  • Is my shipment late? Where is it now?
  • How often does my supplier ship my product late?
  • How often is the carrier delivering late?
  • Is someone aware of that exception?
  • Product Z has been returned more than the acceptable limit, please address.
  • Customer X is our most profitable and yet they are falling below our budgeted figures.
  • More than acceptable levels of negative feedback is being received for product Y


  • SAP EM can be used for process instance monitoring
    Very flexible – Your process can change depending on the instance of the object
    – Has the ability to detect overdue events and react to them
    – Rule set utility can string actions together to trigger on follow on operations (raise alerts / workflow)
    – Very effective for processes that are open for a long time (e.g. overseas shipments)
  • Pre-delivered content to ramp-up projects quickly
  • Has a standard Web UI available
    – The UI has comprehensive built in security (authorization and filtering concept)
    – The UI is fully configurable
    – Relationships and Hierarchies are visually displayed
  • Supports Geo tracking
  • Can handle large volumes of instance data
    Standard archiving enabled objects – Seamless retrievable of archive data through SAP EM 7.0 EP1
  • Very tight integration with SAP NetWeaver BW / SAP Business Object tools
  • Standard interfaces for B2B connectivity (Carrier Shipment Status messaging)
  • Track and Trace – Stores instance related data – Can respond to queries “Where is my Order”
  • The Event Grid allows companies to gain a consolidated view of their distributed process
    – Intelligent, easy to deploy event grid
  • Reduced network load
    De-centralized filtering => only relevant events are processed
  • Massively large amounts of data can be processed
    – Structured or unstructured data
    – Distributed data sources in memory
    Complex Event Processing (CEP) => High performance
  • Can mesh events from all data sources together to with historical data to uncover trends and predict future events
  • Event data can be analyzed with the results being presented as Key Performance Indicators (KPI) as an alert or in a dashboard format
  • Tailored towards events within a short range of time
    Ideal for observations taking a few seconds to less than a day. E.g. Threatening weather conditions


  • Not included in SAP NetWeaver stack
  • Not tightly integrated with a BPM tool
  • Not instance-based
  • Not tightly integrated with the SAP Business Suite

 Which technology is aligned for a particular use case?

  • When connecting to SAP Business Suite applications, A2A or B2B interfaces
    – Pre-built tight integration with SAP
  • Target customers:
    – Those that require instance level reporting in to process / business objects
    SAP Business Suite install base
    – Processes completed from short to long term
  • Main use case:
    – Reliable storage and access to instance-level track & trace data
    Monitoring process compliance and launching activities for corrective action on process deviance
  • When connecting to any data source
    – Custom built
    – Flexible
  • Target customers:
    – Those that need near real-time insight into business operations
    Business Objects install base
    – Processes are completed in a short time
  • Main use case:
    Visualization and alerting of trends
    Widely distributed landscape that encompasses a large array of data sources

 Business Benefits?

  • Enabler for “Manage by exception” concept
  • Improved operational efficiency through increased visibility / control
  • Reduced time to action -> Avoid costly fire-fighting
  • Improved customer service -> Instance level reporting -> Where Is My Order (WIMO)
  • Enables process improvements
  • Enables partner performance measurement (KPIs)
  • Scalability -> Quickly respond to demands
  • Efficient use of system resources -> Optimize resources across the network

 Can they be used together?

  • Option 1: SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight acts as the source for SAP Event Management
    – SAP BO EI filters the relevant events, enriches them and passes them on to SAP EM for Instance-level track and trace reporting
  • Option 2: SAP Event Management acts as an information source for SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight
    – SAP EM can push critical deviations or milestones to SAP BO EI for near real-time analytics
    – SAP BO EI can leverage SAP EM’s tight integration with the SAP Business Suite

For more information on SAP Event Management check out the SCN wiki at

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  1. Former Member
    Hi Kevin, Thanks for the article summarizing SAP Event Management & SAP BusinessObjects Event Insight. 

    I’m at the Gartner BPM Summit this week, and there has been a lot of discussion about what tool is the right one for a company. In many cases, more than one tool could be used to address a similar use case.  But when you answer specific questions, than one solution type typically rises to the top.

    As such, I suggest that people try to answer the following questions when comparing EM & EI.  Your answers will probably help you pick the right solution for you ๐Ÿ™‚

    1) What is your purpose for monitoring business processes (e.g. handle exceptions, optimize processes, discover patterns in behavior, identify competitive advantange, etc.)

    2) Does the business process span beyond a single department, organization, company?

    3) What primary data source(s) are you monitoring for events? (e.g. SAP apps, SAP BW, non-SAP apps, non-SAP data sources, sensors, market feeds, Web content, etc.)

    3) Who is defining the query rules for the search pattern?

    4) Is the pattern search against a particular instance, or is it a more complex query that is spanning multiple data sources and correlating the results for a broader view?

    5) Are complex calculations required during event processing (e.g. averages, maximums, minimums, percentages, temporal-order (1st, 2nd, 3rd), impact of weather, currency)?

    6) What is the speed by which the results need to be delivered? (hours, minutes, seconds, sub-seconds)

    7) Where are results being sent to (output) — e.g. automate a process step, pushed to dashboard, send an alert? 

    8) Do results needs to be sent via multiple dashboards to more than one person (team) across a distributed environment?

    Thoughts?  Thanks much, Marie

    1. Former Member Post author
      Thanks Mary for your thoughts. I would suggest rather than using these types of questions to compare the 2 products you should rather be using these questions to determine which product to use or to see if a combination of the products makes sense.
  2. Jason Cao
    Hi Kevin,
    Thanks for the thorough comparison of the two products. The Event Processing (Operational BI) blog category was recently added, and I’m glad to see you share your knowledge on this topic. Looking forward to seeing more information around Event Insight from you and other members.



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