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To collaborate effectively, you need to connect with the right people. But finding the right person – someone with the right expertise, skills, responsibility, ownership, ideas, or budget – can often be a challenge, especially if you work in a large organization. Watch this video to see how SAP StreamWork can help you:

  • Quickly find people and experts by searching your network
  • Share relevant details in your profile to ensure others include you where needed
  • Leverage connections to reach the right people in your network


In this example, I log in to SAP StreamWork as a sales account manager at a fictional company called Peak Trendz. I’ve just had a call with one of my accounts – Macy’s – and they’ve raised a number of concerns that I need to address quickly. I need to find the right experts in my organization and pull them together into an ad hoc team to respond.

I’m using the new People section of SAP StreamWork, which connects me to social networks that already exist within my organization and allows me to find people and experts and collaborate with them.

First, I look for the product manager of the solution that Macy’s has purchased. I search for it by its name, “Performa,” and I find Albert Lew. As I move my mouse over Albert’s name, a mini-profile pops up with more information, and I confirm that he’s the right product manager. I click Shelf, which opens an area where I drag and drop that search result to save it while I search more.

Next, because my customer said their issues were related to new components that use HTML5, I decide to ask my engineering organization for technical assistance. I search for experts with HTML5 experience and find three results.

One of the people I find – a developer named Glenn – looks familiar. I think I’ve worked with him in the past, but I’m not sure, so I click Explore to see his networks and find out more about him. I see who Glenn reports to and who else is on his team. By changing to the Project Team network view, I see projects Glenn has been part of and who he’s worked with on them. I also see who Glenn has collaborated with in SAP StreamWork, and I find out that we have indeed worked together before. I add Glenn to the Shelf.

Finally, I search for consultants, because I know that we may need to send someone on site to the customer’s New York location. Using the facets on the left, I refine the results to show only those consultants based in New York. I decide that I need the most senior consultant I can find, so based on the two titles I see, I add Jay Young to my ad hoc team. I know I’ll still need to convince Jay to help me, so I use the Connect feature to see how we’re connected. I see that Jay’s worked on the Walmart account with my manager, who I’ll ask to introduce me to Jay.

Now that I’ve found the right people, I can start to work with them to address the issues that Macy’s escalated. I click Actions to invite them to an SAP StreamWork activity to begin collaborating on a solution.

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  1. Kumud Singh
    Hi David,
    1. The video attached is not visible.
    2. How me as an individual can get access to the streamwork?
    3. How will it adapt to new organisation’s structure? I understand it is not a particular organisation specific?
    4. Every organisation is having such tools at their end currently. What special is this going to add?
    5. Can the result of discussion also be uploaded or just finding the resources ends the application?


    1. David Brockington Post author
      Hi Kamud,
      Thanks for your questions.

      Maybe a browser compatibility issue. Try going directly to the YouTube video here:

      You can get a free StreamWork account here: It takes less than 30 seconds to register and starting using it.

      There are a number of things that I believe make StreamWork special. Check out the above video, StreamWork itself, this blog where I talk about about social intelligence: Social intelligence with SAP StreamWork, and let me know what you think.


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