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Twitter is a great place to learn and stay up to date about SAP. You can easily scan a lot of messages and drill down on what you want to learn more about. I thought you might like to see ten Twitter people in the SAP ecosystem who I get value  from following, partly to thank them for keeping me posted and partly to help you if you want to learn more.




Andy Klee (no relation) runs an ERP training company and has a great sense of humour.

Example tweet: Is paying maintenance as a % of the full price of the software like tipping on the full price of a meal before the half-off coupon?




Chip is one of the senior managers at SAP, he’s in charge of the community (all 2.4 million of us) and much else and seems to always be on a plane. But he’s insightful on technology and also shows you where the heart of SAP marketing is.

Example tweet : Excited to see Sting perform at #SAPPHIRENOW, world’s premier business technology event, on May 18.



Greg runs marketing at SAP Business ByDesign, his tweets are interesting because he’s one of the team in the process of changing SAP from just On Premise to software as a service too.

Example tweet : Listening to large enterprise customer talking using #ByDesign in a subsidiary. “Its different from big SAP, but the genetics are there”




Jon Reed is a serious US-based blogger on SAP and very well-informed on what is happening within SAP. He is an SAP Mentor and an independent and credible analyst.

Example tweet : #SAP’s Tobias Dosch leads Wallforf teams for Career OnDemand/Travel OnDemand, next 2 LOB apps scheduled- target rampup 2nd half 2011.




Natascha works for SAP and is very sharp on social media, she seems to be absolutely on the pulse, a real expert.

Example tweet : 5 New Twitter Tools Worth Exploring – some nice tools here



Oliver Bussmann is the global Chief Information Officer at SAP, his most famous move is probably to have bought 1000s of iPads for SAP staff, but he’s a goahead, aggressive thinking IT leader and

Example tweet : The Rise of the “Second Internet” and What It Means




Jarrett works at a consultancy in the SAP ecosystem and is a sharp observer of the SAP scene, and being independent tells it as it is, not always as SAP want it to be.

Example tweet : If you want a successful #SAP Payroll project one key is to ensure you do detailed parallel payroll testing between SAP & legacy system.



Lots of helpful information on SAP Education and learning about SAP, re-tweets and passes on lots of useful articles and resources.

Example tweet : How @SAP_LSO and Questionmark software promote safety at one of Americas 146 Nuclear Power Stations




This is the official Twitter news channel for SAP, not an individual person, but it’s the place to follow for official news.

Example tweet : John Wookey makes personal decision to leave #SAP. We wish him the best. SAP continues full steam ahead in #Cloud & #OnDemand




Prashanth Padmanabhan is a product manager for SAP Career on Demand. He’s great at finding new ideas in business, software design and talent management and condensing them into a stream of tweets.

Example tweet : This market is going through a revolution as orgs replace their recruiting systems with modern software-as-a-service



imageSteve is an external consultant who I’ve oly just started following, but like the others on this list is smart and insightful.

Example tweet : My client’s IT staff got iPads today; within an hour they were working their Solution Manager support issues from them – #SAP #mobile


I hope you find these folks interesting to follow. If you’re interested in assessment, also follow Questionmark (we supply SAP customers with assessment software) @questionmark

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  1. Natascha Thomson
    Wow, thank you John. What an honor to be on this list.

    Well, here another important handle to follow:

    @johnkleemn – SAP Partner,expert on assessment software, prolific blogger, gentleman



    1. Tom Cenens
      Hello Suen Sien Ang

      To promote more SAP Basis / Technology content on twitter I came up with hash tag #sapadmin. You can keep track of #sapadmin content for Basis / Technology content.

      SAP Basis / Technology to follow I recommend:

      @martin_english which is Martin English who works as an independant technical consultant and is a SAP Mentor. He collaborated with me to voice the need for a Administrator space on SCN. Great guy and he tweets technical content of course.

      @sapdba which is David Hull who works for Disney, he has a lot of Solution Manager knowledge and recently had the honor to join the wolfpack (SAP Mentors)

      @BoobBoo which is Chris Kernaghan who works for Capgemini and is into technical content. He tweeted a lot during SAP Virtualization and Cloud week for example and is collaborating with other technical community members

      Of course I tweet #sapadmin content so you are always welcome to follow me as well @tomcenens

      There are many more though.

      An important one I’m missing is the @SAPMentors list which features all the tweets of the SAP Mentors. There are numerous technical SAP Mentors who are worth following 🙂

      Kind regards


  2. Jarret Pazahanick
    Hi John

    Thank you for including me on the list as I follow each of those individuals and know what an honor it is to be associated with them.

    I took your idea and format (thought was great) and created “Ten Recommended SAP HCM people to follow on Twitter” Ten Recommended SAP HCM people to follow on Twitter as HCM is my core area of SAP expertise.

    I would like to see each of the areas of SAP create a similar list (Tom is already 1/2 way there for basis with the comments alone) 🙂 as I think Twitter can be a great tool for SAP professionals and 1/2 the battle is following the right people.



  3. Andy Klee
    John, I’m impressed that you cared enough to mention my sense of humor.  You’ve now created a standard that may be difficult for me to live up to. 

    –I wanted to mention that Jon Reed is a very funny guy.

    –Jarret, I’m crushed that I didn’t make your list.  Does it have anything to do with the fact that I don’t know anything about SAP HCM?


      1. Andy Klee
        Jarret, thanks for including me in your future funny SAP people list.  I’d like to nominate Jim Hagemann Snabe for that list as well.  It’s a little hard to see sometimes, but underneath that businesslike exterior, is a really funny guy trying to emerge. 

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