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Dear Colleagues,


I assume you are all familiar with our new portal add-on – SAP NetWeaver Portal, enterprise workspaces, which enables each and every end user using the SAP NetWeaver Portal to create and share his own pages in an extremely easy and intuitive drag & drop approach.


In various SAP labs sites around the world, we are planning, these days, the next release of Enterprise Workspaces. This new release is planned to include plenty of new capabilities. Today, I would like to share with you few of the highlights of this new release.


A partial list of the planned new capabilites of the next release are:

  • SAP Business Objects and Business Intelligence generic modules
  • Direct consumption of portal iViews, Web Page Composer snippets and Knowledge Management assets (documents, HTML files, images, etc.) into Enterprise Workspaces module gallery
  • Enhanced end user flexibility:
    • Module height adjustment in a drag & drop approach (i.e. with the mouse)
    • Maximize the module size to catch the full page size
    • Categorization of workspaces and faceted search in the workspace directory
  • Integration of workspaces and workspaces’ content to TREX search
  • Define quota (i.e. maximum size) of content stored in a specific workspace
  • Time based publishing of modules
  • Finally, we have added plenty of additional public API’s to enable our customers to customize Enterprise Workspaces and develop add-on solutions for the product





This was a short insight for the planned new capabilities; with the upcoming blogs I will highlight more capabilities with more details.


As always, please comment bellow an I will do my best to answer quickly. Looking forward to working with you in our upcomming ramp-up program.


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  1. Former Member
    Hi Aviad,

    I would like to quote this sentence from your blog: “Looking forward to working with you in our upcomming ramp-up program”.

    We sort of gave up. We still haven’t got the software and even having had intensive contact with a lot of SAP representatives hasn’t helped at all.

    In my opinion you can blog all you want about a product, but if you haven’t got your partners ready with a running demo in place, you are not going to sell this to your customers.

    Sorry if I may sound a bit rude. That must be the language barrier. Not my intention.

    Best regards,

    1. Aviad Rivlin Post author
      Hi Jan,

      I am deeply sorry that this is the impression you got. I have dropped you an e-mail to your account. Please get back to me and we will do the best to figure out how you guys can get the software.


    2. Former Member
      Update: After Aviad and I spoke on the phone and I checked out some more details at our contact for SAP The Netherlands, it seems that we can expect the software next week. Discussions with SAP The Netherlands were held last week of which I was not aware.

      Looks like we’re building demos after all and my rant reply was not really appropriate.



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