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The  days are getting longer, the air is warmer and smells differently, with  Sapphire not even a month away, it must be the season: Please join me  in welcoming the new SAP Mentors Spring 2011.

I  am on a tour across the United States, with many stops at SAP Mentor  locations, this is why I termed it the SAP Mentor Lemon Tour. I even  gave it the hash tag: #sapmlt, but promptly forgot to use it ๐Ÿ˜‰

The  second evening I had a great dinner with the two Phoenix mentors: Vijay  Vijayasankar and Harald Reiter. It got a late start, as I ran out of  gas in the middle of the desert, but that is another story.

On  Tuesday the ever helpful Aslan organized a nice motel room in the town  that is so hard to pronounce and even harder to spell: Albuquerque.  Loved it there, and I stayed away from the beer. Well, I didn’t have a  lot of choice, as the coffee shop that I ordered my food at was closing  in less than an hour and therefore not allowed to sell any alcohol to me  or anyone, that’s probably a New Mexico rule.

On Wednesday Dave Rathbun introduced his fellow Dallas SAP Mentors Simon To and Ginger Gatling and me to a sweet delight: Strawberry Sopapilla.

Yesterday Christopher Solomon Introduced me to southern cooking: Yummy fried chicken livers.

Sorry for everyone who was eagerly awaiting who the new SAP Mentors going to be, this little adventure delayed this posting. Now that I have arrived safe and sound in Savannah: Drumroll, here are the new SAP Mentors spring 2011:


Ethan Jewett works at Business & Decision in Germany

Consultant  at Business & Decision, specializing in BI, data warehousing, and  planning. Committer on the Apache ESME project. In addition to the areas  of expertise listed below, I’m interesting in a wide range of topics  from programming languages to open technologies and standards to  politics to athletics. I love discussing it all.

Rule for success: Hire people that are smarter than you.  We make SAP Mentors out of folks that are smarter than us, so that they tell us when we are off the track. Ethan fits the  bill. He keeps us on our toes with his posts, like his latest: The specified item was not found..  He not only criticizes, but in good SAP Mentor fashion rolls up his sleeve  and creates an Idea Place suggestion to gather momentum for his  suggestion. [We are in the process to upgrade our platform, with that  the RSS feed limitations will hopefully be resolved too.]

Twitter: @esjewett


Pete Lagana works at Excellis Interactive in the US

VP  of Digital Experience at Excellis Interactive working across several  accounts.  Passionate designer, reformer and implementer of SAP User  Interfaces across multiple SAP platforms and products. Over a decade of  interactive design and development experience across multiple channels  (desktop, web, wireless, broadband) and platforms (SAP, Microsoft  SharePoint, IBM WebSphere).

If you have been around SCN, you know that Pete  is an SAP UI specialist who likes to share his knowledge. His passion about achieving a great user experience for SAP products and software. From portal and web dynpro to BobJ and Mobile UIs such as Sybase and Syclo, he wants to help the community get the most out of their SAP investment.

Twitter: @petelagana


Pratik Talwar with Colgate Palmolive in India

If  I am profiled for my skills, I would be identified with a balanced  combination of Business Process Knowledge ( SCM – APICS Certified;  Certified Six Sigma Consultant,KPMG) and Industry exposure related to  FMCG and Automobile Sector thus involved in process designing &  optimization.

So  happy that we can add an additional SAP Mentor from India. Pratik fits perfect,

He is a young and growing strategist for enterprises, keen to share and seek knowledge related to integrated and automated enterprise processes. He brings new perspectives to traditional methods of application development and influence strategic decisions by sparking new thoughts. He has one foot frimly planted in the business and the other in the IT world, which makes his knowledge so valuable. As Rashmi Manda writes in his Innovative Community Day at Bangalore – my notes (part 2): Pratik  was at the community day in the capacity of a “Business process Expert”  to help outline the business processes for the teams to work on. You can also check Partik out on SAP TechEd TV being interviewed regarding the value of the SAP Community Network.

Twitter: @PratikTalwar



John Moy with Australia Post

Worked  with SAP technologies since 1995.  Commencing as a SAP HR/Payroll  consultant with Accenture, I moved to join SAP Australia in 1997 and  transferred to the enabling technologies consulting team in Melbourne,  focusing on ABAP development and internet enablement in particular  (primarily ESS using ITS).  Later joined Australia Post in 2008 as the  SAP NetWeaver Development Lead, and most recently moved to a new  position as SAP User Interaction and Mobility Architect.

One of his many contributions is an iPhone App for searching HELP.SAP.COM. He has taken a lead in exploring the use of open source Mobile web frameworks such as jQuery Mobile, and PhoneGap integrated with SAP (see his blogs). John also furthered the dialog on SCN with his Can we reinvent the grey haired ABAPer? post. He wants SAP developers to keep up with the evolution of technologies and not consign themselves to the ‘commodity pile’. Can’t wait to see where he is taking us next.

Twitter: @jhmoy


Sina Moatamed
Bio: Sina  Moatamed became BendPak’s Chief Information Officer and IT strategist  in mid-2007. Sina has been overseeing every facet of IT infrastructure,  projects, contracts and security to ensure that BendPak’s business  services are supported by the right systems, processes and people.  Sina’s professional history centers largely on multi-million dollar  global implementations at large enterprises.

Sina has spent most of his IT profession delivering infrastructure solutions for the large enterprise.  At BendPak he implemented a new strategy of building a “Service Focused Infrastructure”.  This type of infrastructure strategy more directly secures technological services to the needs of the business. He used SAP ByDesign to implement this new strategy and I can’t wait to hear more about it.


Tobias Hofmann with Accenture in Brazil

Graduated  from University of Mannheim (Msc) in Business Information Technology.  After working for SAP I work for other companies where I had to  opportunity to gain knowledge in Microsoft and open source products and  in IT processes like semantics, ITIL and collaboration. Later I moved to  Brazil, where my current client is Petrobras.

I  am excited to be able to add one more mentor in South America and he  deserves it for all that he is doing in the Brazilian community.  Marcello Ramos when organizing the SAP Inside Tracks in Brazil can always count on Tobias to help out wherever he can. He also keeps us up to date what is going on for example at the SAP Forum in Brazil earlier this year.

Twitter: @tobiashofmann


David Hull with Disney in the US.

David  is currently an SAP Solution Architect, focusing on database and  application infrastructure projects, and has been working on SAP  applications since 1996.

David is one of the few that can have Goofy as an avatar picture in his wiki profile and get away with it, as he is working for Disney ๐Ÿ˜‰  He has a rich  long expertise in SAP infrastructure and is a great community member  sharing his expertise freely with the community. Can’t wait for him to  influence SAP with our infrastructure direction.

Twitter: @sapdba


Derek Loranca with Aetna USA

Derek  P. Loranca is a Lead Business Intelligence Specialist with Aetna, a  Fortune 100 insurance and managed care corporation. Specializing in  Informatics, Derek has spent the last 8 years in Aetna’s Enterprise Data  Warehouse (EDW) reporting and BI team. He served as a technical lead  for the EDW Standard Reporting Team, guiding and developing reports for  an application inventory of over 300 Crystal Reports, all coded against  Very Large Databases (VLDB’s).

He  truly loves sharing his knowledge with the community and enjoys watching  people absorb and learn from it. He is working for an SAP customer which  gives his voice extra weight and I can’t wait to hear it now amplified by being an SAP Mentor. He will be helping Ingo Hilgefort during his pre Sapphire/ASUG Annual Conference session: BusinessObjects  BI 4.0 Tools – In a Single Day too.

Having SAP employees as mentors is helping to make connections and opening doors within SAP.

Twitter: @golasalle


Martin Lang with SAP USA

Bio: Martin  Lang enjoys is current role in SAP Global IT’s Enterprise Architecture  team, focused on building & deploying mobile apps within SAP  internally. Before re-joining IT in Nov. 2010 Martin worked as a  community advocate in the SAP Community Network team.
Martin  was part of the SAP Community Network team and we were super sad when  he decided to go back to his roots at SAP IT. He is down to earth and  always helpful and has a wealth of knowledge that he is freely sharing.  It really helps to have someone connected in IT to get certain problems solved like system access for external mentors during InnoJam.

Twitter: @martinlang


Natascha Thomson with SAP USA

Part  of the SAP Social Media Audience Marketing (SMAM) team, responsible for  identifying best practices to create solution awareness and demand  through social media. Previously, part of the SAP Community Network  marketing team.

Natascha  is a connector in the true sense. Making sure that the right people  talk to and engage with each other to bring a topic forward. She was successful in  bringing more SAP Mentors to the Influencer Summit at the end of last year.  Her energy is contagious. I am really happy that she is joining the SAP Mentor Wolfpack. 

Twitter: @Nathomson


Rukhshaan Omar with SAP in Germany

Product  Marketing SAP NetWeaver BPM, co-author of “Applying Real-World BPM in  an SAP Environment” and moderator for BPM use case wiki.

If  you have not checked out the BPM use case wiki, you are missing out on a  wealth of information. Rucks is the driving force behind that wiki space. Check out her latest post regarding The specified item was not found. as an example where an SAP employee is sharing some SAP internal insights. She is very  busy with HANA at the moment and I can’t wait for her to engage in that area too.

Twitter: @rukso

P.S.  My apology to all the ones that were equally qualified and  didn’t make the cut. It is one of the toughest deissions to make. There will be a new round of nominations and selections before SAP TechEd in the fall.

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  1. Former Member
    I am laughing, I am crying tears of joy. What a wonderful day in my life. Thank you, thank you for nominating me and for giving me this great opportunity.

    The SAP Mentors are a group I have admired since my first day at SAP and being a part of the wolf pack is just beyond my dreams.

    Really appreciate this honor. What a good year!


    1. Tom Cenens
      Hello Natascha

      Congratulations to you and the other new SAP Mentors. Of course I address you because we have been collaborating and I’m one of your supporters as you know.

      I find you an amazing SAP Community member and you so much deserve to be in the SAP Mentor wolfpack.

      Kind regards


        1. Tom Cenens
          Natascha, yes I’m a nice guy ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’m glad you made it ๐Ÿ™‚

          I would to love to collaborate even more with you #SAPAdmin for the world!

          Going to order my iPad2 soon ๐Ÿ™‚ finally …

  2. Former Member
    In my excitement, I forgot to say “hello” to my fellow new and existing wolf pack members and to congratulate you!! I cannot wait to meet the new and some of the old members! See you at SAPPHIRE.
  3. Graham Robinson
    Hi Mark,

    firstly congratulations on making it to Savannah. One more small adventure ticked off. ๐Ÿ™‚

    What an impressive list of new SAP Mentors. I know there are lots of discussions about KPI’s at the moment – let me share two metrics that for me highlight how appropriate these choices are.

    Firstly the majority of this list of new Mentors fall into my unofficial “Oh – I thought he/she was already a SAP Mentor” list.

    Secondly I find that I am already following almost all these people on Twitter – and I don’t just follow anyone. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    Congratulations to all the new SAP Mentors – I eagerly anticipate the ideas, energy and passion you will bring to the Wolfpack.

    Graham Robbo

  4. Former Member
    First of all i would like to congratulate all new mentors fall spring 2011.

    Its inspiring going through your profile. Expecting a lot to share about your ideas/experience , so that we can move ahead in the right direction in our SAP career .

    All the best !!!

    Mentors Rock !!!!

    Cheers ,

  5. Former Member
    Congratulations and welcome to all of the new SAP Mentors!  Looking forward to collaborating with all of you and will hopefully meet you ( the few I haven’t already met) at the ASUG/SAPPHIRE Conference in Orldando.

    Best Regards,
    Karin Tillotson

  6. Former Member
    Congratulations and welcome to the wolfpack!

    Really looking forward to meeting you all during our webinars and hopefully in person ๐Ÿ™‚

    Kind regards,

  7. Former Member
    What an outstanding group of new SAP Mentors!  Welcome to the team.  I agree with Graham that scanning through the group, I almost have the feeling that everyone were already Mentors anyway.  ๐Ÿ™‚  I guess that fits the idea that “first you do the job, then you get the title”.  You guys have definitely been “doing the job” and now it’s great you’re being formally recognized as official SAP Mentors!

    Congratulations and Welcome to the SAP Mentor team!


  8. Former Member
    Hey, this is a great group of new Mentors- welcome! Special congrats to Natascha, Ruks and David Hull, who I know from experience to be super-collaborative. Looking forward to writing about your successes in 2011.
  9. Former Member
    Welcome to the new SAP Mentors!
    Excited to see people I know being recognized for their engagement (Martin, Tobias, Natascha) as well as some familiar names and new names. Looking forward to getting to know all of you better!
  10. Former Member
    I look through the list and as usual impressed with knowledge and expertise of the Mentors. 

    It just makes me feel like I am am imposter.

  11. Former Member
    Hi Mentors, Its been great to see young talents as  mentors. Its a privilege to know that one the mentors was my colleague i.e Pratik. Good going dude, so happy to see you on this platform.

    Keep up the good work!!!


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