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As I noted in my last blog entry, today’s Postal Bulletin details the Labeling List changes that took effect with the current rate case implementation on April 17th. The other DMM changes, “New Customs Declarations Label Requirements” and “Revised MLOCR Automation Price Marking Codes,” while certainly pertinent for some mailers, won’t affect domestic Presort.

The Labeling List changes appear to affect small areas of L001, L002, L004, L005, L009, L010, L011, L201, and L606, with somewhat more change in L007, while L006 (5-digit FSS schemes) just has a note to “[r]efer to the DMM for changes and additions….”

It’s always a little interesting to see if there are patterns in the changes, but these appear to be mostly pretty minor adjustments, like deleting a couple 5DG schemes, removing a ZIP from a 5DG scheme, changing (removing) the discount type for a facility, expanding a 3DG scheme, … you get the idea. And the changes range from Connecticut to California, so it’s not isolated to one region.

These changes will be incorporated into our May directories, which should give you time to start using them prior to the required date of 2 July 2011.

There doesn’t appear to be much else in this PB from a Presort standpoint – typical minor PO changes and that sort of thing. Oh, you might want to check out the new Forever(r) 10-stamp set: “Garden of Love.” ๐Ÿ™‚

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