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As announced in my previous blog we want the StreamWork SDN presence to become the central location for information on how to develop using the StreamWork APIs. Today I would like to update you on our first small steps towards reaching that goal.

Since April 6, 2011 a new blog category “SAP StreamWork” is available. This will make it a lot easier for you to identify blogs around SAP StreamWork. We also had a look at existing blogs which were relevant for StreamWork and added them to the category “SAP StreamWork“.

Today I am happy to let you know that the StreamWork Integration API Wiki is live. It took a little longer than what I have expected, but finally the space is available and filled with first content. The initial content is mostly all around the Method API which allows the addition of custom business methods to the system. You will find:

  • A high level architecture diagram outlining the different systems involved
  • A “Getting Started” documents which will help you in running a sample method in SAP StreamWork
  • A “Guided Code Sample” which guides you step by step in developing a sample method

For the other APIs we are still working on the content. We plan on using the same structure as for the Method API and will release the content over time.

Besides the pages on the Method API the initial Wiki content also contains:

  • A collection of links which are important/helpful when developing using the SAP StreamWork APIs
  • Information on the processes for connecting your development with the SAP StreamWork platform
  • A first version of what we are checking before release a customer method to the productive SAP StreamWork instance

Revisit the Wiki frequently and you will discover additional content and learn more about the other StreamWork APIs

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  1. Former Member
    Well I like the WIKI format.  Once I get there.   (I’ve bookmarked the page.)  

    Like many things here, it’s not easily found.  Could you get a link added to the SAP Streamwork Developer Community page?

    I’m not sure why a search on STREAMWORK API would not bring up the WIKI – at least towards the top of the WIKIs listed.

    Anyway – the content is good.  I’m just worried it will get lost.  Maybe even a sticky in the forum. 

    Then again – I found it!  Via this blog.

    Thank you!


    1. Former Member Post author
      Making the Wiki easier to find was on my ToDo list for today. A link to the Wiki is now included on the Developer Community page and via a sticky note in the forum.

      I have no idea why the search is not working. This is something I need to do some research.

      Thanks for your feedback.



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