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KoolSquare? What, in the name of all things sacred, is this?

This is a new Blog series brought to you by two SAP professionals – Puneet Suppal and Sri Rajagopalan.

So what is different or special about this? … and, why?

Let us explain….

SAP is cool again! As Bill McDermott said last year……. we have got our swagger back!

But what is really cool is that the things that SAP is cool about are things that affect people very closely on a daily basis – mobility, analytics, and the need for speed, just to mention the top 3. It is not just about cool technology alone, but about the potential of cool solutions, leading to an unmatched SAP experience.

So what is this blog about?

It is not just about SAP products, or services.

It is not just about SAP events.

It is not just about representing the SAP point of view.

It is about us sharing our perspective around the SAP experience as it continues to evolve for SAP’s customer base. This experience is one which includes direct interaction with SAP as well as with the larger SAP ecosystem.

It is about everything that goes into making the SAP experience hum for the customer. It is about considerations and factors that are important to our customers. It is about strategy, it is about debate, it is about engaging social media, and it is also about…! This is about two SAP professionals putting forth viewpoints (….sometimes, a tad bit provocative) and stimulating discussion. This is about being “Kool”….(we felt compelled to adopt a differentiated way of saying, “cool”).

In many societies, people gather in local town squares to talk about things that are pertinent to them. This is our virtual town square, if you will, where we intend to discuss the “Kool” factor around all things SAP.

Welcome to KoolSquare!

This blog will mainly feature posts from Sri Rajagopalan and Puneet Suppal (also an author of the Café Innovation series on SCN – follow him on Twitter at: @puneetsuppal).

Look for our first post within the next two weeks! In the meantime, feel free to send us your thoughts on what “Kool” topics you would like to see addressed over time…..

Authored by: Puneet Suppal & Sri Rajagopalan

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  1. Former Member
    Is there going to be somewhere where you collect all the blogs into one place?

    I’d look there in case I missed one of these.  They sound interesting.  (I think SAP is cool – “Kool” too 🙂

    Thank you!



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