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So you want to learn new things.   SAP Teched is a LONG distance to drive, fly, and it has a price tag.  So OK – SAP Teched is THE place to be!  Yes, I agree it still makes sense to go.  But if your training dollars are limited – or even if they are unlimited – there is an extra option, SAP Inside track.

Warning this next paragraph is me venting –

You can skip it and go to the great information below.  I’m always looking for new ways to learn information.  BUT how?  Fly out for AUSG.  Well yes, that’s a good idea.  My company however, has limited dollars.  So I get one training sessions – and I’m glad I get one.  Fly out for Teched?  OH YEAH – I will be at that one, if I have to dig deep into my own pockets.   But where else can you get free training?  I was told not to expect a big turn out.  WHAT!???   We are always asking for training?  How could there not be a huge turn out.   I’m worried.  Our community seems to be struggling now.  We have a lot of members, but not a lot of participation.   In your small way you make a difference.  Limited blog comments.  Not very many blogs.  Lack of interest in the forums.  Well that is a different blog, and I am really trying to get information out to you.  Seriously – one day – can’t you spare one day.  Sessions not good enough?  Volunteer to present, and then you know yours – if selected – will be at least one good one!

OK – now on to the good stuff:

So what is it????!!!! 

I wondered that myself.   It is a mini-conference.  One day where you can meet people, network, and learn something at the same time.  

What sessions will be there? 

Well that’s really up to the people who are attending, want to attend, and want to present.  If you have anything that you would like to share, please volunteer to be a speaker.  There is nothing free, as our conference is free.  BUT you would get to speak in front of your peers.   There is nothing more rewarding.  I – loving blogs – wrote about it Presenting – who me?.  So please fill out an abstact.  We will pick the sessions based upon your abstracts and the things everyone wants to learn about! 

Where is it? 

Hopefully local to you.  In the Midwest.  Chicago and St. Louis.  

What does it cost? 

NOTHING!   You will pay for travel expenses but the conference itself is free.  FREE!  Free is always good.  It’s a great way to convince your boss to let you go.  The cost for the conference – nothing.  It helps that training budget.

Sessions offered?

Unknown.  We need YOU!  Submit your abstracts.

Ah – but how are the abstracts going to get selected?

By knowledge, content, and what the community wants to talk about.

So – how would I know what you want to hear about?

I don’t.  You need to fill out our short, very short survey and tell me what you want.  You might actually get it.  If we have enough people that want to speak.

So – do you think you want to go? Maybe, Possibly…

If you think to yourself – this sounds kind of interesting, but I don’t know if it will have the sessions I want.  Fill out the survey here.  If you think – I WILL BE THERE – yes!  Then fill out the survey.  We would like to get some numbers of the people who might be coming.  Also there is THE SPOT.  The spot where you can check or list what sessions would be valuable to YOU!   This is community driven.  VERY cool.  So your suggestions and the abstracts received will drive what is presented at SIT.

SAP Inside Track – Midwest!  It’s coming.  Sooner than you think.  July 15, 2011 – that’s the day.  If you live anywhere near Chicago or St. Louis you need to mark that date.  More information will be coming!  Check the WIKI sites, and look for our blogs.

And so next steps:

  • Submit that abstract.  The more we get – the more we have to choose from.  The “deadline” is June 1.  
  • Take the survey!  Trust me – it’s short.  I hate long surveys.
  • Mark your Calendar.  July 15th is the date.

Summary from me:

I’m all about fun.  If you haven’t read any of my other blogs, well – just know I wouldn’t be doing this if it wasn’t fun.  So plan on education, networking, learning information, and good old fashion – not enough of – fun!!!!!

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  1. Stephen Johannes
    I want to mention also that at least for St. Louis, the event is way more relaxed than any formal conference you will attend.  We should have a better ice breaker this year, and more local content as a goal.  Even though we have schedule it slides and adjust as needed.

    Our presentation slots for St. Louis are between 30 to 45 minutes of content with the rest reserved for Q&A.  There has to be something cool that you have done or are currently doing that you tell the rest of the community in about that timeframe.  Any technical/functional topic is fair game provided it is not a sales pitch.  Besides for those who speak in St. Louis there will be a special “gift/speaking aid” given to each speaker.

    Take care,


    1. Michelle Crapo Post author
      YES!  Abstracts are a wonderful thing.  The more we have the better we can work around what people would like to “hear” about.   We want to make this valuable for as many people as possible.
  2. Sylvia Santelli
    Jamie shared with me the hashtags for these events earlier so I thought I would share them here:

    #SAPIT715 – to follow both events
    #SAPITSTL – to follow Inside Track St Louis
    #SAPITCHI – to follow Inside Track Chicago

    Excited to see this happen!
    Good Luck!


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