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Continuing my research about issues that cause a blank screen on “Theme editor”, there are some icons which the names are too long. The error is caused when the Style Sheets are generated.

The files that cause this issue are:

  • table_row_button_downstate_radio.gif
  • table_row_button_upstate_radio.gif
  • table_row_button_downstate.gif
  • table_row_button_upstate.gif

 The files previously mentioned can be found usually on the following folder:


These images are not being used anymore from portal 6.40, so the solution for this case is remove these files physically.

Check also the note:  1358665

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  1. Former Member
    I believe this is more a limitation of Java than of the OS (
    On *nix and Windows normally the pathname length is without limitation while the filename limit  is 255 bytes, enough for the files listed.

    The note mentions that the “composite path in the file system of the J2EE engine is too long”. Java 1.4 has some problems when it comes to really long path names. Should be interesting to know if the error occurs when using a newer Java version.

    br, Tobias

      1. Former Member
        The Portal 7.0 only supports Java 1.4, how do you plan to test this to know for sure that it is a Java version limitation?
        – Upgrade the Java version to the highest patch level evailable?
        – Change the Java JRE (use HP/IBM instead of SUN)?
        – Import the (broken) theme from a 7.0 portal to a 7.2, 7.3 portal and run the generate step?



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