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If you use SAP BusinessObjects products, chances are you will have a need to read the documentation prior to using those products.  How many of you who use those products have also had some question on where to locate the documentation?  If your answer to that question is yes, then you will want to read on as I will discuss exactly where you can expect to find the documentation you need.

There are a few areas you can find documentation for your SAP BusinessObjects products.  The first place you can find documentation is after you have downloaded and installed your application, each time you do this there are “Documentation” folders which are automatically created upon completion of the installation.

For example, if you are installing the “ACE” product on a Windows operating system within the “C” drive, there will be a “C:\pw\ace\documentation” folder automatically created.  Within that folder you will find several useful documents, some of which include: System Administrator’s Guide, Database Prep manual, Edjob User’s Guide, etc.  You will also see an “ACE” folder within the “Documentation” folder.  Within that folder you will find the release notes as well as the ACE Technical Guide.  So that is one area you can expect to find documentation.

The second place you can find documentation is similar to the first I just described above.  Again, within a Windows operating system, you can access it from the “Start” menu.  When you click “Start”, scroll to “Programs”.  Once that is highlighted, you should see a folder called “Business Objects Applications”.  When you highlight that folder, two documentation folders should now be visible.  The first is simply named “Documentation” and the second “Documentation (cross-product)”.  Within the “Documentation” folder you should see the user’s guides, technical manual’s and/or any product specific documentation for all SAP Business Objects products you have installed on that machine.  Within the “Documentation (cross-product)” folder you will find helpful documents such as the System Administrator’s Guide, Database Prep manual, etc.  This was a second option of locating your documentation.  There is one last place you can go to find the documentation you need.

The last place you can go to find your documentation is online.  If you log onto SAP Business Objects support portal website, right on the landing page itself you will find links to documentation under “Find Documentation”.  You can also find documentation online by performing the following:

1. Go to the SAP Help Portal at
2. Click the gray “SAP BusinessObjects” tab at the top of the screen
3. Click on the black “All Products” tab (or click the link on the left navigation pane)
4. Click the “all products” drop-down to choose the category (example: Data Quality, Postalsoft)
5. Click the “all releases” drop-down to choose a product (example: ACE, Match/Consolidate, Data Services)

You should be able to find whatever documentation you are looking for online or by looking in any of the areas I described above.  If for whatever reason you still have issues and/or cannot locate a specific document, contact SAP Business User Support and an engineer will gladly assist you. 

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  1. Jason Cao
    Hi Ken,
    Thanks for sharing this info! I suppose users can follow these steps to find other product documentation beyond Postalsoft products. I’d suggest adding other BusinessObjects-related categories to your blog post as well. Would be great to let other BusinessObjects product users know.



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