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When we came across the requirement to disintegrate the HR system from the SRM system for user creation and organization assignment we found it very challenging because forming the new process was easy but we also needed to restructure existing structure without affecting any business document and functionality. We have faced so many obstacles at the initial time however we finally achieved our objective.

I am writing this blog because I want to share my experience with you guys that how we have started and what challenges we have faced during this project and how we have came over from it.

Useful for:

SRM Version 5.0 and below.

Configuration –

  1. Primary configuration Table – T77S0 (here at the end is Zero) – We need to mentioned following entry to this table to disintegrate HR –

Group name Sem. abbr. Value Sem.abbr. Explanation                                    
HRALX      HRAC           X               Activate HR Integration                        
HRALX      MERID          X               Enter Integration Error in IDOC                
HRALX      MSGRE          0            Recipient of Error Message When Creating BP    
HRALX      OADBP          4000000435      Business Partner of Standard Address           
HRALX      OADRE                          Address Necessary for Business Partner?        
HRALX      OBPON          ON              Integration O-BP Activated                     
HRALX      OBWIG          X               Ignore Business Partner Warnings               
HRALX      ONUMB          1               Business Partner Number Assignment (Org. Unit) 
HRALX      OSUBG                          Business Partner Subgroup (Organizational Unit)
HRALX      PALEO                          Log: Organizational Units in ALE               
HRALX      PALEP                          Log: Employees in ALE                          
HRALX      PBPHR          OFF             Employees Are Replicated from HR System        
HRALX      PBPON          ON              Integration Employee/BP Activated              
HRALX      PCATS                          Integration P-BP for CATS Activated            
HRALX      PLEVE          3               Log: Detail Level of Error Messages (1 – 5)    
HRALX      PNUMB          1               Business Partner Number Assignment (Employee)  
HRALX      PQUAL                          Import Qualifications                          
HRALX      PRTON                          Log Active                                     
HRALX      PSUBG          01                                                             
HRALX      PSYNO                          Log: Organizational Units in Dialog            
HRALX      PSYNP                          Log: Employees in Dialog                       
HRALX      USRAC          X               Create relationship to user       

 2.Delete partner profiles from transaction WE20 for the respective HR system.

 3. Delete distribution model from transaction BD64 for the respective HR system.

Note – Please apply deletion 2 and 3 to the production system only when your production cut over has defined and period has already started.

Data mapping for reassignment of users(Only for SRM) –

Fetch the data of purchasing organization, purchasing groups and other org units from HRP5500 table and also there assignment data from HRP1001 table. There is one more table HRP1000 for organization unit master table from where we can get list of organization units in the system.

We need to align the users and organization units for the assignment as per the above details with the business intervention or as per the project documentation.


  1. When we actually move the existing users across in the structure they become defective because they keep the reference of their assignment in the system so we need to repair them as LEVEL 1 (please make it sure of that because LEVEL 2 and 3 would lose the user’s identity in the system).

Following report given by SAP to rectify this problem – B_REPAIR_EBP_USER_2(Please only CHECK and execute as LEVEL 1).

   2. When we move users across the structure than it might possible that while performing consistency check in USERS_GEN transaction code we found following warning message  –

“The user has no workflow linkage. Configure workflow.”

This Warning message came from a FM called RH_GET_LEADING_POSITION and can be corrected by updating following entry to the T77S0 table –

Configuration change:

Group name   Sem. abbr.  Value          sem.abbr. Explanation     

WFLOW         CRMUS          X               User WFL Linkage

   3. Please maintain following entry for the below group in table T77S0 because when we mark it “blank” in the value than it will not generate the BP for organization unit , this problem we have faced during this project.

Group name Sem. abbr. Value Sem. abbr. Explanation                                    
HRALX      HRAC           X               Activate HR Integration                        

Note – Do not confuse with the Abbr. explanation since this would not activate your link to HR since distribution model and partner profiles has already been deleted.

Attribute maintenance

Assign all the attributes and extended attributes to the user and organization levels as applicable.

Test Scenario preparation and execution


Test: – Prepare all the applicable business scenarios to make sure that this change is not affecting any of the business process or authorization in the system also consider for existing document check.


Ths can be defined as per the business requirement ,we have created and executed for cProjects and cFolder and found it successful.

New user creation in SAP – SRM –

Create the user in SU01 and perform following actions –

Users_gen (choose – “Create Users from Existing SU01 Users”) and always choose Area of users while creation otherwise it will execute this for all the users.

Prerequisites – Organization id, country and user’s position (to rename once user is created because it will create the position with the user’s name).

New user creation in SAP – PLM –

1. Create SU01 user with all the required roles.

2. Create user as EMPLOYEE in the system by Tcode “BUM1”.(Note – Try to keep data in Sync with “SU01″ BP”)

3.Create user’s position in the tcode PPOME. 

4.Staff user by going to staffing management of the position and assign user’s central person of the position.

5.Assign position to the desired organization unit.

Check point – “Is employee of” relationship to be created in BP transaction.

Note – This can also be useful for normal process of user creation in SAP PLM if this is not a case HR-PLM disintegration.

Related Notes –

Note – 797879 – EBP 4.0+: Setting up business partner integration for the reference.

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