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Agent Inbox within the Employee Interaction Center (EIC)

The agent inbox is a central repository of all incoming EIC work items that are to be processed by EIC agents. The work items available in the EIC Agent Inbox are categorized into task types. Task types allow you to sub-divide the inbox items into various logical groupings.

Agents can use the inbox to process emails sent to the EIC shared services center, process EIC activities that are currently open, process ESS web requests, process EIC follow up requests, and process any SAP or custom work-flows.


The following task types are available as standard in the EHP4 version of EIC:


  • Activity
  • E-Mail (SAPconnect)
  • Web Request (Self Service Request)
  • New follow-up activity
  • Returned follow-up activity
  • Completed follow-up activity
  • Errors in follow-up activity
  • Info: completed activity and follow-up
  • SAP or custom workflows

You maintain the task types in IMG under the following node: Personnel Administration-Employee Interaction Center (EIC)-Interaction Center Web-Client-Application Functions-Agent Inbox-Define Inbox Task Types.


Configure Inbox Task Types


The EIC agent inbox screen layout is designed to allow EIC agents to quickly perform search and processing of work items. The agent inbox consists of three sections:


  • Search Criteria: Allows you to perform specific searches for inbox work items based on task type, priority, status, create date, and due date.
  • Search Results: The results list from the search. The results can be quickly sorted by any given column.
  • Work Item Preview: Agents can quickly get a preview of the key attributes for the work item row that is selected from the search results, before processing the work item.


EIC Agent Inbox

From the agent inbox, EIC agents can process incoming work items and attach them to existing or new EIC activities. Agents can also reassign or forward inbox items to other agents/groups.


The ERP Employee Interaction Center (EIC) is a centralized call center application that is part of SAP’s shared services offering. It delivers employee information to your contact center agents and empowers them to capture the details of an interaction with an employee.  It is included in your base SAP license and it is a great fit for customers that are looking to establish a HR employee interaction center.

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  • Hi Chandan,

    Will it be possible for Substitution to work if there is no Workflow configured. Our project doesn’t have the Followup and Workflow configured for EIC. Is there any specific tables/configuration we need to maintain for EIC Substitution?

    I will be highly greatful if you could throw some light on this configuration.