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There are times when you may need to change the case of the data in one or all of the fields in your mailing files.  There are several ways to do this with the software.  Today I will go over the Records Change Case option in the DeskTop Mailer and Business Edition software.  We will leave the other methods for another day. 
To change the case of data in your file you will need to open up the file you are going to be working on.  Once your file is open you can select the Records Change Case option.  This will give you the Change Case screen.  Using this Screen you can pick the final format of your data.  The three choices you have are UPPER CASE, Mixed Case, and lower case.  Then you can pick the records that you would like to change.  You can pick from All non-deleted records, Selected records (if you have a group selected) and Current record.  The tricky part is on the right side of this screen you will see all of the fields in your database.  The top of this list is titled Except in Fields.  This means that all of the field that you highlight will not be changed and all of the non highlighted fields will be changed.  This is a little different from the way the rest of the software works. Keep in mind that there is no undo feature for this once you press OK the changes will be made to your file.  The only way you can get your changes back is to run the process again and select your original case from the options.

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