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If you visualize construction of a home you’ll notice that the construction is carried out in various phases. The roadmaps / methodologies used to implement SAP are similar to the construction of a home in a way that we build a home in various phases; we prepare a plan, get a map, build a basic structure, compare it from various angles, finalize it & start living in it. ASAP methodology, delivered by SAP, describes these phases almost in the same sequence though with different names. We’re familiar with Project Preparation, Business Blueprint, Realization, Final Preparation, Go Live Support and Run phases and during implementation play various roles within these phases as part of a project team. I thought the comparison between the construction of a home and SAP implementation, as it’s in my mind, may help others who want to understand the SAP Implementation phases, thus I’ve summarized it here. You’re very much welcome to give your comments.

Getting Ready for SAP Project / Home Construction? Get your checklist ready!

Just as in the Project Preparation phase of ASAP methodology we see the Project Goals, Scope and a Plan are defined by the project team in a SAP Implementation, we’ve something similar in our minds before we start constructing our homes; we set the goal of constructing home with a deadline in our minds, we set a scope to decide the ins and outs of the construction, we also have a plan in our minds for the activities to be done, resources to be deployed and the timeline within which we intend to finish the work. It’s also the preparation phase when all of the project standards and procedures are defined & validated before the implementation starts. Similarly, to construct a home we set the standards such as what quality of ceramics we’ll be using, which brand of certain material would be our priority. We also have some procedures to get these things delivered to our plot. We may’ve agreed with some supplier to deliver certain type of material at agreed time & cost, all these are our home project procedures.

Do you’ve the map to visualize your home / SAP Solution? That’s the Blueprinting!

Once all the necessary preparations are over from project management perspective, consultants start gathering the business requirements, put them on black & white and map these with SAP capabilities. All of these to-be models are defined and agreed with the business within Blueprint Phase of a SAP Project. Do we do something different while constructing home? Certainly not. We’ve to have a map; designed by an architect who knows our requirements, who has seen our plot and who is aware of the construction technology available in the market. It’s the blueprint of our ‘to-be’ home. We get a clear map with which we can visualize our ‘not-yet constructed home’ right at this phase. Don’t you think we should put a little more effort in blueprint phase to ensure the upcoming implementation / construction is perfect or at least near to perfection?

From dreams to reality, we call it Realization

Now when you’ve a map and resources available what do you do next? Of course, you start your construction. Hmm! You know the Realization phase of a SAP Implementation basically describes the activities you do during this phase; you configure the system, test it, provide trainings and get approval from the business to deliver the solution in subsequent phases. Realization of the home is basically similar; you get the basic structure of your home ready, you make sure everything is fine (windows / doors sizes etc), your contractor get approval from you to proceed with further innovations. 

Wrapping up is the Final Preparation

The Final Preparation for SAP Solution Implementation is to finalize the readiness of system by having system tests, end-user training, data migration etc. And when we visualize it in context of a home we see that your contractor makes sure the electricity / gas supply, telephone connections etc are well tested, he provides you with the ‘user-manuals’ of equipment installation such as AC or other important things and then he hands-over the keys to you to finally migrate your stuff to your new home. You may call it data migration. However, even if your home is ready and you’ve got the keys, you don’t shift there immediately. Hey! What are you waiting for? Someone may ask. For sure, you have to celebrate a party first or maybe you’ll inaugurate it by cutting a tape? 🙂 This step in SAP terminology is quite often referred as Go Live and its explained in the last section of the blog.. Have a look and comment please!

Celebrating the completion – Going Live

You’re done with the party and now moved to your new home or you’ve implemented the SAP Solution and have started using it you’ll certainly face some problems initially. That’s why you’ve to have a support mechanism for your SAP project and a list of ‘services companies’ to help you with electricity / other issues you may face in your new home. That’s the helpdesk! The continuous improvement what SAP refers to is further enhancements to your system in future while your home may be improved with new furniture..


Hello! We’re finished! The phases of SAP implementation and Home Construction are over so please stop reading. Now it’s time to comment on the blog!

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  1. Former Member
    However, when constructing a home there are guidelines that must be followed, or you will not get permits from the government.

    Frankly, no one cares about your business but your own company. 

    Constructing a home is actually easier to do because you’ve seen and lived in a home (Probably).  SAP is an unknown.  

    So yes, the path may be the same.  But getting to the end results – is much harder.



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