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Dear community,

I’d be interested to know which technical features you would absolutely like to see implemented across all SAP brands including BOBJ and Sybase.

For example, making SSO work across all our products and deployment layer (on demand, on premise, mobile).

Or providing explicit process models for all SAP solutions, whichever platform  they are based on.

Having heard opinions of several customers and colleagues, I compiled a ‘top fifteen’ list and would now like to put it out to the SDN community, asking you to rank the list and to extend it with your  own suggestions.

You can find the list here:

Your feedback is very welcome, our interest guaranteed!

Patrik Fiegl
SAP Architecture & Innovation Services

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  1. Former Member
    Everything is of High importance. It is difficult for me to rate anything less then High value. You have hit the bulls eye with every Requirement.

    specifically uniform monitoring part. Seriously needed.

    1. Former Member
      The most challanges we are seing in the implementation about the integration of Master Data and transaction data across different SAP products. One of client have

      ECC – Ehp4 and in the SCM/APO implementation we used CIF to integrate master data and transaction data.

      At the same client now they want to implement e-Sourcing/CLM. Now, we are saying we need a interface through PI (or any middleware) to integrate master data and trasaction data between ECC and CLM.

      We are also implementing SAP CRM now we are configuring CRMmiddleware to integrate master data and transaction data between ECC & CRM.

      Also the client have a roadmap to implement SAP ME. We need to have SAP MII/SAP PI to integrate master data and trasaction data between ECC and SAP ME.

      why can’t we have same technology or one dedicated tool to integrate all SAP products

  2. Martin English
    Hi Patrik,
      They’re all important things, but I was able to make a distinction betwen those which I considered very important and ‘just’ important.  For what it’s worth, I’ll include my comments – see if it fires up a bit of discussion.  I’m a certified BASIS / Netweaver Technology Consultant, with a background in working for a multinational SI, but currently consulting to a small number of SME’s

    1) Mobile MUST be platform agnostic (I can’t tell my customer to throw away their iPhone / Android / Blackberry and existing integration investment).

    2) Netweaver needs a (even via OSS) a set of standardised profile / configuration parameters for given system sizes (i.e the old t-shirt model) for each combo of OS / DBMS – We literally DONT have time to tune systems; If possible, the business want us to download an install kit on Friday and handover a running configured system on Monday or Tuesday.


  3. Former Member
    It’s surely a good thing to ask the community about its priorities for the implementation of new features into SAP software. I hope that involving some external views into the big picture helps to get a better overview about the status quo.

    But it’s a complete other thing that I find quite fascinating regarding this survey. It is a really good overview of features that SAP software does NOT offer. Generally in product presentation, fact sheets, documentation you always find lists of features. Missing functionality naturally is not mentioned. That’s another good reason to complete this survey: Getting some interesing insights in that missing features list.

  4. Former Member
    Whenever I have asked SAP – what development techniques I should use for user dialog interactivity – the only answer is Web Dynpro. However – not even SAP themselves follow this recommendation. The vast majority of SAP transactions work in the SAPGUI – using the legacy dynpros technique. It is the number one source of complaints – and widely viewed SAP failures – that their standard user interface is so poorly designed for user interactivity. If you use software from almost any other vendor you can expect a more modern UI. SAP has consistently said that if you want a modern UI – use the web dynpro technologies. These do not work together well with the traditional dynpros – and the vast majority of the client / customer base still uses standard dynpros for the majority of their user interface. When will SAP address this MASSIVE oversight.
    1. Former Member
      For me main problem with webdynpro is that they are so damm slow. It has really good development enviorment and a lot of possibilities to create new reports, but each time I see this round circle whatever I click I think – damm it would be so much faster with clasic dynpros. At least that is my impression.
  5. Farhan Mahmood
    I am an SAP Certified ABAP Development Consultant. During ABAP Development, so many times we have to process data in internal tables in different ways for different purposes. I think Open SQL must be extended to allow queries, aggregations etc. on internal tables. The concept is similar to LINQ in .Net technologies where we could select and process data uniformly and in same way from both databases and arrays/collections. This would result in more compact code and with clear and easily understandable logic. This would greatly help in writing easily maintainable code too. I think this is a must have feature in next ABAP version.
    1. Former Member
      Another issue I have to agree. It would really help developers to have such tool within ABAP instead of 10 looped inside of each other LOOP…WHERE for example.
  6. Former Member
    Its no doubt SAP’s core engineering is still the leader in market, though we need to improve the user interface so as to meet the current expectations of users. Till now, extensive training is necessary to even use this ERP and thats why SAP loses some low profile customers who switch to local ERPs.
    Migration of older technologies to new technologies should be possible in easier way. Eg : We still dont have easy/automatic way of migrating the SAPScripts to Smartforms/Adobeforms ๐Ÿ™
  7. Former Member
    I am an ABAP/Workflow consultant . I am amazed to see the old line editor for Business Object Method coding . This methods are extensively used in Workflow applications and it is really sad to see that SAP is neglecting this demand from Workflow consultants( for a long time now).

    Even though there are methods for integrating class in to workflow still consultants prefer to use the predefined  SAP Business object Methods and delegating it.

    I hope this will be a part of newer versions of ABAP.


    1. Former Member
      I totaly agree with Arshad. This editor is like from age stone. If there is a reason why it cannot be changed then I think somebody from SAP should at least tell it us.
  8. Former Member
    Really would like to see the whole CEP engine intergrated into the full SAP suite. I have seen some examples where it was used with BPM and it is promising.

    It would be great if this would/could be integrated with HANA and get faster (near)real-time results.

    Still not sure if CEP is integrated fully with Event Insight for SAP BI 4.0?

    1. Former Member
      I am glad to read your comments. You are correct we already have some demos/scenarios where Event Insight is used with BPM. SAP Operational Business Intelligence (BI)

      To answer your question
      “Still not sure if CEP is integrated fully with Event Insight for SAP BI 4.0?”
      Yes, Event Insight leverages CEP for the correllation of events. This correllation capabilities together with the event grid features give a key differentiation to Event Insight 4.0 in the market.

      Feel free to reachout to me.  We already have some EI and Hana demos that we created for a utilities conference.

  9. Former Member
    Would love to see in memory computing accross all platforms.  WhilI am here would also love to see less JAVA applications and more WEB Dynpro from ABAP take over, but that is already happening, just hurry up, lol!

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