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10 Reasons: Why I Love my Job

There has been many highs and lows in my career, since I started working as SAP Basis Consultant since 2006. I will soon be completing 5 years as a SAP Technical Consultant. I cannot say I have seen it all but it has been quite a bit of experience. And when I look back, I feel glad.

It was difficult to shortlist and bring it down to 10. But finally, here are the  top 10 Reasons, why I love my job.

1. Opportunity:
Working as a Basis Consultant is where you can create opportunities for yourself. It  give you exposure to all SAP Products as well as IT infrastructure.  Today I am working as SAP Architect in my current position. Though I don’t do much of solutioning. But I am sure I will soon be doing it as major part of my job as I grow in my current role. Later the possibilities as limit less, depending on interests and ability.

2. Passion and Challenge:
I am passionate about technology and how it helps to make life simple. SAP technology evolves for better adaptability, security, integration and ease of use.  With every Implementation project I do, I see how it makes difference to business and in the end to the life of individual who work on it. With every different product I work on, I discover the potential to make the difference. And consciously evolving technology posts a challenge to be on the edge.

3. Learning:
As a Basis Consultant I get to try my hands on all SAP products be ECC, CRM, BW,Solution Manager, etc . I get to work at different layers be it Operating system, Database and application. This provides a rich learning experience and knowledge. In short as Basis Consultant you know  how entire picture is painted.  It satisfies the learning urge of a tech geek. Learning is important for me to keep me motivated for my job.


4. Pride:
One thing I want to be very honest about, that working as  SAP Consultant in an MNC, gives a sense of Pride (Yes it does). There is “”fell good factor”” about working in SAP. It is despised by IT guys working on other technologies because SAP Consultants are pampered by all the companies. I might be wrong, but let it be that way.

5. Experience:
I am gaining valuable experience.  With every day of work, I gain experience to strengthen my skills. In SAP world experience is highly valued and respected. In just 5 years I got opportunity to work with worlds best companies, interact with big clients and manage their mission critical systems.


6. Easy Life:
SAP not only makes life simple for business people, who use SAP, but it also makes life easy for administrator like me, who run SAP. With every enhancement in SAP Netweaver, administrator’s life is becoming easy. Be it solution manager or Netweaver Admin or Installation/ Upgrade tools, all of them make technology very manageable.There has been times when work gets really hectic and takes a toll on you. But that the time you actually learn and grow.

7. SAP Community Network:
It a great place to contribute and gain knowledge. It has been recognized by IT industry experts as the best online technical community. Best place to get unofficial answers to your big and small, smart and stupid questions.


8. SAP Customer Support and SAP help:
I can be brave enough to take up new challenge and critical activities because I have faith SAP Customer support. You might not see connection between the two, but surely there is. SAP is attributed to be difficult to configure and use. But only people who work on it knows how easy it is. SAP help provides extensive documentation and when you get stuck up with unexpected problem SAP Support Team is ther for rescue. SAP has a teams of highly skilled people who help you on any issue that you feel is due unreasonable behavior of SAP products.”

9. Employment:

In the world of recession, unemployment and layoff, I dont need to have a reason to love my job

10. Paycheck:
In the of the day, money does matter .  I have a job that pays me for my time, and if it pays well nothing like it.

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  • Hello Hussain

    It’s interesting to see someone’s top 10 reasons why they love their job. For me loving what I do is a prerequisite to keep going.

    1. Opportunity
    SAP certainly is wide enough to be able to jump into opportunities but in the end it is up to each individual to see, create or jump into opportunities.

    I was offered a chance to replace someone at a customer the first week I started in SAP and I refused because that person was doing repetitive work day in day out and I felt I would hate doing that. Instead I ended up at Interbrew (Inbev) where I had the opportunity to administrate a very wide range of SAP systems and where I had the opportunity to learn a lot.

    I like paving my own path.

    6. Easy life
    I have some doubts on the easy life part. What I like is flexible working which sometimes makes the job look like easy life if the neighbours see me road biking at noon in between working for customers. Of course they don’t see me during upgrade weekends.

    Flexible work hours would definitely be one of the top 10 reasons why I love my job.

    I still see a lot of possible improvements on SAP products and definitely from a technical point of view. Yes there have been innovations that make the life of a system administrator more easy but
    still there are a lot of gaps and even some products that feel unfinished.

    Also it’s not always easy to make people understand how IT works and that I can’t go to X or Y because I’m on standby or that I have to work no matter what to keep my customer happy.

    7. SCN
    SCN is a great place with wonderful active community members. It’s always interesting to read the blogs, read comments and connect with fellow community members. It could be even better with our own system administration community space #sapadmin

    Each job has it’s pro’s and con’s. In the end I’m glad I to be part of the SAP Ecosystem.

    Kind regards


  • Hi,

    Good to know that you are happy with the SAP job.
    But then I was pretty excited when I saw the title of the blog. There are no exceptional reasons for your happiness. You have only said whats happening and happened. How about your coming days? Are you going to get involved in doing something new or big? Just a feeling.


    • Not sure if it makes sense to get back to your question after 7 years, but yeah I did something I was excited about, I joined Amazon (AWS) as a Solution Architect. Even though I am NOT an SAP specialist Solution Architect, I get to work with lots of our Global customers for their SAP workloads on AWS.


  • I’ve found that technical tools are usually behind any business enhancements.  I’m surprised to find “easy” in the blog.  🙂

    Nice list.  But general – examples please.  Fun projects? 

    BTW – I love my job too!  🙂 

    Go technical people!


  • Hi All,

    Surely you all are passionate about your job as well as.

    Best part of Basis is that they are needed in almost all SAP projects. So I get to pick and chose for which project I work for.
    Currently I am working on 2 projects with diffrerent clinet. CRM implementation and OS migration. Both I am woring on for first time.


    I cannot agree more regarding the felxibility of working for home and working timings. But I have been unlucky in this case. All my projects have been on client side and made it neaasry for me to be present there.

    @Michelle :
    Fun projects!! i dont think project as a whole are fun. But my part of job is fun if it involves something new for me. Also not all the time 😉
    Dont you feel that installation and EHP upgrade tools have improved and now it is easy o upgrade technically.While managing the other part of upgrade remains equally tough. 

  • At first I wanted to flame you that pride is evil and being modest is a must. But hey keep feeling good about your work man, that sounds reasonable.

    btw. I love my job as well. Till the day it starts hating me.

    • OK – pride in the job that I do – that’s a big driver for me.

      I have to take pride in my work.  Otherwise my work would be below the level that I would expect.

      There are somedays my work hates me.  Those days I try to remember it will get better!