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End of November 2010 a load of improvement requests was posted in the DSAG Sales and Marketing Working Group Forum (Only for DSAG Members). Based on that Input SAP started to work on 14 requests. For two of them “One hit direct display” and “Central edit switch for all assignment blocks” the companies supporting the request got contacted by Silvia Backes from SAP to specify the solution in detail. As the “One hit direct display” functionality has to be included into every single application it will still take some time to be available. But one of the downport suggestions is already available as a Note: 1554307 – GoTo Menu on overview pages.

You see – SAP is listening. Now it’s time to raise your voice in an next round of the Customer Connection program. The platform for this is now SAP Idea Place. SAP worked hard to get it to acceptable performance. Now you can browse fluently through the suggestions. The suggestions are posted in a private area called Customer Connection. You have to be a member of one of this user groups:

It seems that ASUG is not part of the game yet. If you’re an ASUG member please contact them to request your demand to influence SAP’s current solutions. If your company isn’t a member of any SAP User Group then you can use SAP Idea Place too. Vote and comment on the Idea: Open Customer Conneciton for all SAP Customers.

How to get access

If you not already have the SAP Passport to use the Single Sign On on the SAP Service Marketplace then you should finally get it at After you’ve done so please check if you’re asked for the SAP Passport when accessing SAP Idea Place. You should be greeted with the name that you’ve maintained in your SAP Service Marketplace user settings. To get access to the Customer Connection area you then must contact your SAP User Group and provide your UserID (C-, S- or P-User), First Name, Last Name, Company and E-Mail address via this contacts:

How to vote

When you managed to get access to Customer Connection then start voting and commenting. Improvement suggestions that will be taken into consideration to be realized need at least 5 companies that give this commitment:

  • Help to specify the solution in detail
  • Implement the solution as soon as provided for the used release
  • Use the solution in production when it fits the companies needs

I think the best way to show this commitment is not only to hit the “Vote this idea up” button. You should also leave a comment providing the name of the company. Also you can use this comment to provide perhaps further details how the solution could look like.

Why to vote

Think about all the great solutions you’ve realized in custom reports or applications. Arn’t there always a big issue when doing upgrades? Reduce the TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) and improve the productivity of your user by enhancing the user experience.

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  1. Former Member
    It seems SAP has decided to open up and to listen to it’s cutomers publically. But what has meade them exclude the majority of users / customers from this? Lack of trust = they only want to talk to people, they already know and have talked in the past? Lack of knowledge and enterpreneurship = SCN + marketing management has not been involved in this?

    Would love to hear the reason and to get a broader discussion going.

  2. Former Member
    Hi Gregor,

    the link to the idea place item 3222 – Open Up Customer Connect for all Customers – doesn’t work as well as I am not able to find that idea.

    Any hints on how to find it or has it been removed?


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